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Dehlvi naturals is a medicine manufacturing comany based in dehli.As its name tells Dehlvi practice unani system of medicine preparation which is old age & reputed company in the eyes of customer specially in India. Vigvit is a capsule formulation by Dehlvi for Vim Vigor & Vitality as it’s name suggest.Its one of the corner stone products by Dehlvi is being used & searched world wide now.

dehlvi vigvit

VigVit Capsule Contradiction

Low sexual desire due to modern style of living having stress depression tension work load diet low or high pressure of blood is easily treatable with this medicine.It also usefull in erectile dysfunction premature ejaculation & other sexual related issues of males.It provides power & strength to overall body & trow away general weakness.

VigVit Capsule Benefits

After using Vigvit one can see & benefits from its result easily after few days as works very soon specially for the Indians in Indian environment. The benefits include

  • Overall increase in body power
  • Reduced anxiety & stress
  • Sexual confidence
  • Long lasting sex stamina
  • On demand & solid erection
  • Generates new blood & semen
  • Increase in quantity & quality of sperm
  • Works as Herbal Viagra

Other products to take with it

This capsules works great & gives very early result according to one Hakeem of Mumbai to whom i have word while writing this article, if taken with Labub e kabir & Powergen Capsules of the same company.

VigVit Capsule Side Effect

It doesn’t have any extra effect or side effect on humen body. But it is user own responsibility to check the expiry date & packing ( sometime due to defect in packing materials damaged ). In my usage i didn’t find any side effect.

VigVit Usage

vigvit is to be taken2 capsules at bed time with milk 1 hour before if you want to use it for instant benefits during sex.

1 capsule can be eaten on daily basis in the morning after breakfast with water for long term power as a general tonic for sexual health.

VigVit Capsule Ingredients

Vegvet comes in a white plastic container with green cap on it in a packing of 28 capsules. ( God know why they pack 28 capsules. Why not 30 or 25 or 60 )

28 cap pack

Name of IngredientsCommon NameQuantity in Milli grams ( mg )
Ambra graseaAnbar
1 mg
Doronicum hookeri ExtractTarang4 mg
Sida cordifolia ExtractBala4 mg
Crocus sativusKesar5 mg
Myristica fragrans ExtractJawitri6 mg
Alpinia galanga ExtractKulanjan10 mg
Pastinaca secacul ExtractSatli10 mg
Chlorophytum arundinaceum ExtractSafed Musli10 mg
Withania somnifera ExtractAshwagandha10 mg
Asparagus racemosus ExtractShatavari20 mg
Mucuna prurita ExtractKonch20 mg

Short study of Ambra grasea used in this capsule.

Ambra Grasea.

Also called Floating Gold because it float on the surface of a sea is a blackish brown flammable smelly solid produced in a digestive organ of a sperm whale.It is very expensive materials. I have read in news paper few years back that few friends who were on yacht enjoying sea ride got few ponds on Ambra Grasea floating on surface become millionaire by selling. Because of ban in some countries including USA & Australasia & sperm whale being a threatened sea species it prices are rising day by day. I am sure that Dehlvi uses the best & original quality Ambra Grasea.

VigVit Manufacturer

Mfg. by

Dehlvi Naturals

125,FIE, Patpar Ganj, Delhi

dehlvi naturals address

How to order VigVit

You can get it on your local ayurvedic stores & can call the above number to get the address in your city.

VigVit Price

28 pack price bottle cost you Rs.330 per pack while if you will buy 8 pack you will get 1 free. ( Happy Now ? )

VigVit Stores / Dehlvi Distributors Location


A-1 Ayurvedic Dawakhana
193, Raheem Castle
Opp. Khoja Kabrastan, S.V.P. Road,
Mob. 9867582289

Asiad Dawakhana
Mr Shamimuddin A. Khan
Add. 1  Shop No. 27, Baxu Bhai Mansion, Mohammad Rafi Chowk, S.V. Road
Add. 2  Near Sai Sagar Hotel, Opp. Saga Shopping Centre
Add. 3  S.V. Road, Bandra (West)
Mumbai – 400 050
Mob. No.07302562069


Agency Hamdard Dawakhana
Mr Hasnain Ahmed
15/12, Tirlokpuri
Delhi – 110 091
Mob. No. 09990316709, 011-22786638

Hakim Chandra Bhan Mitthan Lal
Mr Rahul Gupta/ Mr Rakesh Gupta
Add. 1  Bara Tooti
Add. 2  Sadar Bazar
Delhi – 110 006
Mob No. 09811352886


Mr Abdullah
29, Phears Lane
Kolkata – 700 073
West Bengal
Mob. 9331046530


Al-Rehman Pharmacy
14, Kitha Bath Khan Street,
Add.2 Ellis Road
Tamil Nadu
Phone. 044-2035399


Al-Hilal Unani Medical Store
Mr Farhat
Address1 Near Abdar Khana, Chonchalguda
Address2 Highway Road
Address3 Chonchalguda
Andhra Pradesh
Mob. 09948267056

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