What is Sex Spray?

Sex spray is a short & common name for sex delay spray as the name suggest it is for delaying of sexual timing or intercourse duration while having sex with wife or another female partner.In simple it is for Uncontrolled ejaculation especially sudden after penetration.Usually it comes in a bottle form combines with some gases & chemicals.


Sex delay spray or sex delay cream numb the penis outer most part called penis glance making the feeling & friction of the vaginal walls less. Some time it increases the sensation of mating time while delaying ejaculation.

sex spray & Sex delay cream

How it’s made?

Usually it is made of chemical based products in a modern lab with the help & mixture of water, glycerol, methyl lactic acid, lactic acid, benzyl alcohol, benzoic acid, sorbic acid etc. like chemicals having anesthesia properties to numb the part applied on.Some fragrances are added for good feeling such as Vanilla Patchouli Musk Peppermint & Jasmine from flowers & few other like cardamom, peper & Cinnamon from spices.Lidocaine is most important ingredients of modern sec cream & spray. I saw that more than 60% of available products contain Lidocaine with vitamin E.


A local anesthetic and cardiac depressant used as an anti arrhythmia agent.Important content of a products being used to dalay ejaculation which comes in a form of Foam Dressing Cream Pad Patch, Extended Release Ointment Lotion Gel / Jelly Spray Solution Powder & Aerosol Liquid.

History of Sex Spray

Its has very long & spreaded sheet of history from ancients Egypt to Ancient India & Amazon & Borneo Tribes to ancient developed China & Arabs. Different kinds of herb & spices were being used centuries ago for prolong & lasting erection & sex time.In India it was common to use Cinnamon powder mixed with water or cinnamon oil on the top of penis to delay ejaculation.While as the pages of history shows amazonas tribes were fond of using  Sichuan Pepper spongilla fragilis & few other tree extract to apply on penis top.Indian ayurvedic history uses Cloves or cloves oil for delaying ejaculation while sex.Borneo people use some type of tree bark mixed with water to get long & prolong sexual time to enjoy with the fullest.

Sex Spray In INDIA

As we have already read that use of sex cream or spray is not a new thing in india but the modern chemical based sex spray or sex creams came to india after 1990 specially after 2000 when the flood of internet users start flowing. Now we see that it is available every where.

How sex spray works?

It works by numbing the penis tissues so the one who is using feels less sensation or pleasure so that the nerve there dont send ” ENOUGH ” message to brain to CUM. Simply it is used by men but gives pleasure or benefits to women’s.

Benefits of Delay Spray

Side effect of Sex Spray

Types of Sex Spray

There are many types of sex spray & other products which works like it

  • gas based in a spray bottle
  • chemical based comes in a dropper like bottle
  • lotion & ointment type
  • cream based
  • hard solid which is to be mixed with water & used
  • to use on penis head
  • to use on whole penis including shaft
  • use before erection
  • use after erection

You can decide which best suites your need. The choice is usually for the application inside home or outside.( Weather you want to really enjoy or you want to punish her )

Brands Names & Price

There are hundreds of brands available on Amazon, Aliexpress, shopclues, ebay, alibaba & refiff shopping like web portals. Below we are going to have a short sight on top brands other than Climax which is

Name of the sprayQuantityPrice
Promescent1 big for home & 1 pocket size pack$73.95
Stud 1000.43 Ounce$18.48
 Super Dragon 6000 2 packs $17.50
 Viga 50000 2 packs $48.99
 Shibari Triton 30 ml / 192 spray$20
 Adam And Eve Marathon Delay Spray 2 OZ. $12


When you are ready please read the instruction written with the pack.

  • Shake the container well before use. We are reading this since childhood every time when there is some syrup or liquid medicine.
  • Take off your underwear.
  • Spray few shoot of spray on the penis head or on the full penis ( according to type of spray being used )
  • Wait 5-10 minutes. This time allows the solution to absorb into the skin of the penis.
  • Close the container tightly & place it on a safe place. ( Reach out of children ( 😉😉😉Ha ha ha from other adults too ) )
  • Get ready to enjoy.

Buying Instruction

First have a strong decision before you go to buy the product why & where you will use it. Have a suggestion with your partner as it may not be liked by her & long sex can be painful for some ladies.You may consult your dermatologist with the ingredients of the spray to know if it suits your skin type. Because for some people it may not work properly & resulting in skin trouble.


If you choose to buy it from your town’s local medical or chemist shop then it’s not a big issue.Just walk there when 😉😉😉😉no one is seeing you &purchase the one which is for the lowest cost because in my research while writing this post i got to know that nearly all the raw materials are having the same ingredients.

If you would like to shop online like me ( If you shy to talk with shop owner 😳 :oops:) then search for the product you want to buy on google there will be many result search for a portal or site you are already member of then complete the order as usual.If you dont really need it & just wana have a try signup for the mailing list & wait till the offers to the inbox from the seller.


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Sex Spray

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