Breast Actives Breast Enlargement Capsule & Cream

Breast Actives is a three step natural female breast enhancement system that uses herbal  ingredients.Along with capsules & cream they also provide enhancement exercise program to add some more with the package.Manufacturer claims that it is not fat pill or hormone based product.It has been focused in the news such as CNN , ABC News & FOX News.Herbs used in manufacturing are natural & fresh hence has good freshy, natural taste and smell.


Breast Actives Ingredients

Breast Actives program offer 3 in a one program Capsules Cream & a Exercise we are going to discuss the main & key ingredients of the

Breast Actives Capsule

Ingredients of capsule are in general those which are having positive effects for mummery glands & known to increase femininity.

Fenugreek Seed (400 mg) Methi Beej

In Asia, fenugreek seeds is beeing used by women to increase their breast milk production since ancient times.

Fennel Seed (350 mg) Saunf Beej

According to some clinical studies Fennel Seeds has some compounds (photoanethole, anethole and etc.), which works by stimulating estrogen production for breast growth.

Dong Quai (250 mg).

Dong Quai is a traditional Chinese herbal remedy that balances estrogen levels. Dong quai is the premier “gynecological regulator.”

Blessed Thistle (125 mg)

Cnicus benedictus, is ablessed thistle-like plant in the family Asteraceae, grows in the Mediterranean region & some parts of Iran.

Dandelion (125 mg)

Dandelion benefits the skin & makes breast firmer & shiny.

Kelp (50 mg)

Kelp has the highest natural concentration of calcium compare to any other plant or food.

Watercress (50 mg)

Watercressis good natural herb to cure breast cancer & its risk.

L-Tyrosine (50 mg)

L-Tyrosine is a key factor in thyroid gland production & building which regulates aging.

Vitamin E (60 iu)

In some studies done on animals, cancer-protective abilities have been demonstrated in cases of breast, prostate, hepatic and skin cancers by Vitamin E.

Breast Actives Cream

Breast Actives Capsules cream

Being a male i could not have trial for the breast enlargement cream by breast actives but after having some research on this i come to know that this can be listed in some very good external products or application for breast which has

Pueraria Mirifica Extract (10%)

Also known as White Kwao Krua is agent which slows down aging.

Red Clover Extract (5%)

Red Clover Extract lowers the risk of breast & endometrial cancer.

Fenugreek Extract

Methi called as fenugreek seeds are great to enhance the small breast size to normal.

Saw Palmetto Extract

Increasing breast size.Reducing bleeding after prostate surgery.

Muria Puama Extract

Helps to make skin shiny & feels good also its smell fight depression.

Aloe Vera Concentrate

Ghegwar or aloe vera / aloe vira on the immune system is closely linked to its antitumor and anticancer properties.

Shea Butter

Shea butter is a natural moisturizer.

Butea Supera Extract

Butea superba is a vine that grows in India, China, Vietnam, and Thailand. The roots are used as medicine.

Borage Oil

Borago officinalis seeds oil is a Great product for maintaining skin ageless & free of inflamation & help in getting smoothness of the sking back

Damiana Extract

Damiana Turnera diffusa, known as damiana boosts sexual activity & gives sexy look to breast.

Wild Yam Extract

Sepiliftiii Sodium Hyaluronate Acid

Other Ingredients:  Lanolin, Montanov, Lecithin, Sepigel, Retinol-A, Vitamin E & Germall and Avena Sativa Extract.

How Breast Actives works?

The key & main herbal ingredients used in capsules & cream are great for balancing hormones & menopausal system regulates production of female hormone resulting in growth of female sexual part & fuller firmer bigger breast size.

Benefits of Breast Actives

  • Gives fuller firmer breast size
  • Helps in getting sexy curve
  • Develop tissue to hold weight of the breast giving you sexy look
  • Gives confidence to attend social event in any dress
  • Increases your femininity
  • Attract more & more eyes

Side effect of Breast Actives

As every manufacturer claims ( har koi apni dahi ko metha kahta hai ) it also has no side effect mentioned on official website but during my research i read that some ingredients inside can cause breast cancer , Even if it will not this product is not recommended for pregnant & nursing moms.

How to use Breast Actives?

Every pack comes with full usage instruction inside & you may watch youtube videos on how to use the product which is daily 2 capsules & massage with the cream on breast.

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How to Buy Breast Actives?

You can purchase the pack from online stores or better you go to the official site of the manufacturer to be safe & order by filling simple form there.

Can you buy breast actives in local medical stores?

I searched for the breast actives enlargement product on the local medical stores of Mumbai & called many stores in Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad & Chandigarh but the answer is no.

Breast Actives Price

Pack sizeGift / DiscountPrice in US$Price in INR
1 month$59.95Rs. 3840
2 month1 FREE PACK$119.90Rs.7680
3 month2 FREE PACK$179.85Rs.11530

Breast Actives manufacturer

The internet is full of affiliates for this product so it is hard to find the manufacturer.Because in todays era copycats look bigger & better than original products.

Breast Actives Website

Official website seems

Breast Actives Review

Word from real Customer


Since I started using your Breast Active product I feel so much more confident and my friends keep on asking me what I’m doing with them!

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