How To Increase Sex Time Naturally

How To Increase Sex Time Naturally

There are a lot of men that want to learn how to increase sex time & sexual stamina.  Most men only lasts a few minutes in bed.  Which can make them upset secially woman who want to have some more time, because they’re not sure what to do about.  So, what I’m going to do is share with you some tips on how to increase sexual stamina.  That way, you’ll be able to last a long time in bed and be able to give your woman the best orgasm she’s ever had.

सेक्स के टाइम को बढ़ने के नुस्खे

An alternative technique to increase your stamina is to practice often. Most men will try masturbation throughout their lives and this is totally natural. We can write a whole article on masturbation, but the idea here is to discuss what masturbation will do for your stamina. Let’s put it this way, if a man masturbates and reaches orgasm within only a few minutes, then, chances are, he will reach a quicker orgasm during sexual intercourse.

Sex stamina increasing foods

Sex stamina increasing foods

Obviously, there isn’t the same level of excitement when masturbating as when one is intimate with another person, but the practice will surely help. The idea is that if a man masturbates, he should stop right before ejaculating and start back when the sensation is gone. It is basically training the male organ to last longer when orgasm approaches. Remember that only practice makes perfect!

Sleep at night

There are so many night owls especially those who have internet at home. Night has been made for sleeping.

You must sleep for an average of 8 hours daily but during the night! Well, the number of hours is not fixed. It depends on the constitution of the body of each person. But sufficient sleep is essential.

It is also recommended to sleep the earlier possible in the night so that you can wake up early just before the sun rise. I know it’s hard to wake up early. It’s not a must to wake up early but I’d suggest you to do it if you have a possibility to sleep at about 15 mins after lunch but not more than that. And don’t oversleep. How do you know if you have overslept? When you wake up, you’ll feel yourself quite lazy. And practising sport is the remedy. It’s difficult to oversleep if you have a good circulation of blood. Oversleeping leads to fatness. I’m just saying it cause there are people who are not aware of that.

Many people work at night. I know life isn’t easy. The system is like that. We are going against nature. We are breaking the law of nature. If you are a night worker, just make an assessment of your sexual potential. And try to remember the wonderful days when you had your nights to sleep. How you were admiring the beauty of women!! Is it still the same? I won’t say more.

Tips For Long Time Sex

How To Increase Sex Time
foods to increase sex power

1. Do it more often to increase your sex time

When you do more & more sex it can increase your se time or sexual stamina.

2. Try Everything Once for great sexual stamina

Try every sex position for a minute while having sex on bed.

3. Be creative to have great sex

Try to find out your own new ways of having sex

4. Send your kids away

While having sex in day send your kids away to home that may disturb you.

5. Show and tell

Show & tell your partner what you likes & what not.

6. Say “yes

Whatever she want on bed say only yes to win her.

7. Quality over quantity

Focus on quality over quantity of sex to get most of it.

8. Foreplay is your friend

Give more & more time on foreplay to satisfy her every time.

9. Relax

Try to relax before sex avoid heavy meal & too much stress & tension

10. Set the mood

Have good plan before having sex so that she will be mentally prepared.

Foods To Increase Sex Time

सम्भोग का वक़्त ज़यदा करने की टिप्स

1- Celery
2 – Raw oysters
3 – Bananas Bananas contain the bromelain enzyme, which is believed to increase libido and reverse impotence in men. Additionally, they are good sources of potassium and B vitamins like riboflavin, which increase the body’s overall energy levels.
4 – Avocado The Aztecs called the avocado tree “ahuacatl,” or “testicle tree.” While avocados can indeed look like that body part, they contain high levels of folic acid, which helps metabolize proteins, thus giving you more energy. They also contain vitamin B6
5 – Almonds
6 – Fruit  They contain vitamins, which can boost your libido. Certain fruits like mangoes, bananas and peaches are also very helpful in increasing sexual desire, as is watermelon

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