Hammer of Thor Capsules

What is Hammer of Thor Capsules?

Hammer of Thor capsules are said to be herbal male enhancement supplement originally from Malaysia & Indonesia ( Some other companies from USA too ) effective for male sexual problem BUT not as described.

hammer of thor capsules

What it is for?

Usually in Malaysia & Indonesia it is sold for

  • Sexual problems
  • Weak erection
  • Sexual impotence
  • premature ejaculation
  • quantity and quality of low quality sperm

Where to order original hammer of thor capsules?

I have ordered hammer of thor from many sites but got cheated ,Specially in India 


while one which i ordered from ubattenagabatin.com by payin CIMB bank seems to work & original.

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Hammer of thor scam / Hammer of thor fraud

I researched hammer of thor online & got to know that there are 99% fraud companies on the name of this medicine in india & pakistan.

Hammer of thor in India

In india i order from some company who claims that we are original manufacturer but they could not provide manufacturing license number, he said that we have call center in bangalore but not allowed to share address.Overall they are fooling people by saying this one is enough for all & every problem.

Hammer of thor in Pakistan

The same thing happens in pakistan too one formula for all sexual problem, which doesn’t work at all.

Does it work for penis enlargement?

No, It works for premature ejaculation as it contain great amount of Tongkat Ali Eurycoma longifolia  but not for penis enlargement as they claim, May be its not for me.

hammer of thor capsule

Hammer of Thor Ingredients

  • Eurycoma longifolia (commonly called tongkat ali or pasak bumi) is a flowering plant in the family Simaroubaceae, native to Indonesia, Malaysia, and, to a lesser extent, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and India, the greatest popularity received as an aphrodisiac to increase sexual desire & ability to last longer.
  • Coastal snail extract These gastropods from Littorinidae family secrete a special substance, which helps stimulate the natural production of testosterone.
  • Extract of the lichen Cladonia rangiferina . The extract of northern lichen Cladonia rangiferina restores full blood flow to the genitals.
  • Elephantopus scaber is a tropical species of flowering plant in the sunflower family. It is native to tropical Africa, Eastern Asia, Indian Subcontinent, Southeast Asia is a powerful aphrodisiac.
  • Pithecellobium is a genus of flowering plants in the legume family, Fabaceae has a high amount of tannin has a high astringent nature, normalizes bowel flora by helping prevent disbacteriosis or dehydration. It helps in improving blood circulation and improves overall energy reduces erectile dysfunction and slows aging.

Hammer of Thor Benefits

  • Increase erection of penis by strengthening penis nerve
  • Increase size of penis
  • Helps in gaining more sex time
  • Increases libido
  • Controls premature ejaculation
  • Helps in getting intensifying orgasm

Word from manufacturer

After the first use – you will immediately notice a significant change
After the treatment is completed – your body will regain energy and you will feel
confident in every situation

Hammer of Thor Side effects

Company claims that there is no known side effect of the products, I can’t agree or disagree with this statement because the one which i used may be different from the one which you order.


We searched a lot about manufacturer of hammer of thor but could not find the truth.


As the pages on internet claims some say that original is based of Italy, some belive Malaysia or Indonesia & some claims USA.


Package Size Price in Malaysian Ringgit
 1 Pack 139 MYR
 2 packs 278 MYR
 3 packs 417 MYR

The price for the hammer of thor in india ( Said to be ) is INR 2200 while hammer of thor in Pakistan is 4000 PKR.


Hammer of thor pack comes in pack of 30 capsule.

Phone Number

Phone number from which i got hammer of thor is +60102800667 & +6281326788876

All the information on this page is for information purpose only, & collected from internet. all content here are based on personal experience if you are user,distributor or manufacturer of the above product please mail us the details to make this page better with all require references.

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    1. Mera penis bahut hi thin or small h kya is capsule se size increase ho skta h aur sath hi Abhi tanav bhi sahi se nhi aata h. Contact me 80********

  1. agar mai ye website pahle padh leta to dhoka nahi khata ,

    Mai ne hammer of thor order kiya lekin koi result nahi mila
    wo logo ka koi phone number nahi hai

    aik number hai wo nahi lagta

    fraud medicine , cheating company hai Hammer of thor

    Thankes for you post

  2. Humne bhi hammer of thor order placed kiya tha,,, but koi faida nhi hua,,,india me hammer of Thor ke naam se logo se cheating kiya ja raha h,,, fraud medicine h,,, coy koi contact bhi nhi h

    1. Oh,

      It seems you have been cheated.

      How much you paid & in return what you get please mention for the sake or other readers.

      If you have researched for some time on this cream & came to this page, You could save your money &

    1. There is no original hammer of thor. Hammer of thor is made to cheat with people, As they are claiming 4 inches in one week soon they will say it also works for cancer & AIDS.

  3. Hello friends Kya hammer of Thor medicine se kuch Fark padta Hai pls btaoo yr agar kuchbfarak padta Hai to pls, bhut preshaan hu yrr koi to btaooo

  4. i also bought hammer of thor product but i didnot get result.. even if i could 1% of result i will be happy.. but i m very dissapointed with this product.

  5. Totly Fraud company never buy this product .I used this products but no resut to see me ,I gain 3900 rs but no….. so I want to say to u all don’t believes this products ye sala fraud hai

  6. मुझे नही लगता कि हैमर ऑफ थॉर किसी काम की दवा है क्योंकि पिछले 4 दिनों से में इसे खा रहा हूँ जैसे इन लोगो ने बोलक था ठीक वैसे ही कुछ फर्क नही नज़र आ रहा है मुझे और ये भी बोल था कि एक ही पैकेट यानी 20 कैप्सूल में ही काम बन जायेगा लेकिन 2200 रुपया बेकार ही गया मेरा।।।। ऐसी घटिया दबाई मार्किट मत लाया करो और हमें इंटरनेट आराम से चलने दिया करो बीच बीच मे अपने बकबास ads मत दिया करो। जितना धोखा देकर तुम हमसे कमाओगे उतनी ही तुमको हाय लगेगी। बर्बाद हो जाओगे ।

  7. i bought this medicine from sri lanka. sad to say ..i got cheated .even after 3 weeks i dont see any result.
    request all my friend from all around the world not to get caught to thees cheaters.

  8. Mysore Karnataka in which shop this Medicine available because I need how do I apply your how to take online please tell me 8949******

  9. bakwas he mene 3900.00 rupe me 3 botal li he koi fayda nhi he ulta mere sir me dard ho jata he khane ke bad mere 3900.00 rupe bekar gai

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