What is Progentra?

The ability to have a good sexual relation with woman is a big factor that many men do not have. Progentra is an advanced male enhancement supplement, formulated to enhance man’s ablility to have good sexual relation & to increase the penis size and penis girth. Progentra penis enlargement pills are safe and healthy for use, which works without any side effect.

This tablet is made to use before going for sexual activity, It gives more power & sexual stamina for better performance. After using this tablets you will see significant difference in your penis shape & size & erection. Which helps in getting a intense orgasm every time.


What it can do for you?

The basic compound or raw material inside Progentra’s Advance Syner-Boost Expansion Formula has been clinically tested and found in increasing Penile Tissue by a more than 44%.

It’s accelerated-Expansion Formula quickly increases the supply of blood and key nutrients to the penis for making it rigid & heavy, resulting in a Larger, Thicker and Overall Massive Penis.

Side Effects of Progentra

Asthe manufacturer of progentra have developed the formula to work without any side effect to user, be extremely concerned if you experience any side effects when using Progentra.  Some common side effect which may occur after using progentra sex tablets are as follows

Light headedness
Sharp drop in blood pressure
Increased heart rate

However as the manufacturer claims about the result this product seems totally fake & over advertised i suggest you to order the progentra sex tablets only from the original website

Progentra Ingredients

Progentra’s ingredients is taken from the books & research papers which are written after lot of research & clinical trials. Due to which progentra offers the best in a class solution for sexual weakness & sexual pleasure & a true permanent result in penis enlargement because it is made of world class & fresh parts of following natural herbs & ingredients.


L-arginine is one of the most important amino acids that is needed for the sexual function, It helps in building protein. This protein help build muscle and rebuild tissue.As a result, researchers have investigated the effectiveness of L-arginine in the treatment of severe wounds and tissue waste in serious illnesses.


Tongkat ali (TA) or a long jack is a flowering plant grow in a far east Indonesia & Malaysiawhich has many medicinal benefits. It is widely used & assumed to be beneficial as a natural testosterone booster and improve sexual functions & health.


Horny goat weed is used for weak back and knees, joint pain, osteoarthritis, mental and physical fatigue, memory loss, high blood pressure, heart disease, bronchitis, liver disease, HIV/AIDS, polio, a blood disorder called chronic leucopenia, viral infections of the heart, bone loss after menopause, weak bones (osteoporosis), and as a tonic.


Bindii is another name for TRIBULUS TERRESTRIS which is found in in many places of Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Usually the root and fruit of the plant used in medicines in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Indian Ayurveda medicine & Unanni alternative medicines. This plant is being used from centuries by the people for a variety of health benefits & effects, including to enhance libido, keep the urinary tract healthy and reduce swelling.


Maca or maca root is well known herb which helps to regulates hormones and allow consumer to get more frequent, more hard erections. Maca root reduces the effects of the refractory period, which diminishes the ability of the user to experience sexual arousal following an orgasm.Maca or maca root has gained a wide reputation for helping & regulating sexual hormones and reverse hypothyroidism.


Muira Puama is widely used as herbal alternative of “Viagra of the Amazon”, Muira Puama has very big history of conventional use as a vitality or sexual tonic, a one stop medicine for sexual weakness and gives a characteristic restorative way to deal with loss of moxie in the two people.In Europe it likewise has a long history of utilization as a hostile to rheumatic, sexual enhancer, a tonic for general well being and for gastrointestinal clutters.


Conventional local doctor recommended damiana leaf extract for sexual enhancement & improvement, as well as a stimulant, disinfectant, and diuretic. Doctors demonstrates that these advantages originate from the herb’s dynamic fixings, which incorporate tannins, gums, and five kinds of flavonoids, which give medical benefits by cell flagging pathways and cancer prevention agent impacts.

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Benefits of Progentra

Progentra is specially made for treating male sexual dysfunction & to enhance stamina and boost libido. It also increases sexual intercourse timing & penis size which overall results in sexual confidence. It is a male enhancement supplement that guarantees to transform your average penis size and prowess into a sexual capacity of astounding magnitude.

How does Progentra Sex Tablets work?

It works by quickly increasing & boosting blood stream to the penis with the utilization of vasodilators. Vasodilators work by expanding nitric oxide level in the blood, which frames cGMP, it is the chemical which force the blood veins to expands to supply more blood in less time. Widened veins enable an expanded volume of blood to stream to the penis. Progentra synergizes vasodilators with testosterone sponsors, which not just strengthens the expansion of cGMP through PDE-5 inhibitors; it likewise quickly expands the drive of the client, which advances an expanded event of erections for the client.

Progentra Sex Tablets Price

One MonthThree MonthsSix Months
Imageprogentra sex tabletsProgentra in indiaProgentra in india
Price in US$/ Bottle69.9543.3231.66
Price in Rs.4804.522975.432174.57
Total Saving & Discount40$469.95$120$

Progentra Manufacturer

Progentra is manufactured by some company called as Biolabs.

Progentra Contact Number

There is no contact number of progentra company to call & get more information. Only one number is found on the official website which is not working 800-909-5441

Is Progentra Fake / Fraud?

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