What are IH3 Penis Enlargement Capsules?

IH3 is the best & world famous penis enlargement capsule that comes in form of capsules known to give benefits in penis enlargement & male enhancement. IH3 penis enlargement tablets is being sold online since 2005 successfully with thousands of satisfied customer who have gained result in penis enlargement & penis size increase in India & from around the world.

IH3 penis enlargement tablets also gives power to get orgasm and increases your sexual libido making user able to enjoy the sex life like a porn star.IH3 penis enlargement tablets  provides you with a harder and firm erection.

History of IH3 Ayurvedic Pennies Enlargement Capsule

IH3 penis enlargement capsule are made based on Ayurvedic formula & according to principles & rules given by Ayurvedic system of medicine.All ingredients in IH3 penis enlargement tablets are taken from the Ayurveda & every ingredients is washed mixed & extracted in presence of experienced Ayurvedic doctors. As the website of IH3 penis tablets says they came in the field of sexual health & wellness because this field has 80% fraud companies & peoples are looking for the real & result oriented medicine. Apart from making profit IH3 sex tablets company is helping people at very lesser price with best medicines.

What Ingredients are there in IH3 Penis Enlargement Capsule of INDIA?

IH3 penis enlargement capsule formula

There are about 20 ayurvedic ingredients inside every capsules of IH3 penis enlargement tablet as mentioned below

 Ayurvedic Name English Name Benefits
 Ashwagandha Withania somnifera Get relief from stress and boosts your health and immunity.
 Satawar Asparagus racemosus Supportive of male reproductive system as well
 Behman Surkh Clary Sage Useful in menstrual disorders, erectile dysfunction, habitual miscarriages
 Behman safeed White Behmen Used for the treatment of Intestinal gas, Cardiovascular diseases
 Aqar qarha Pellitory root Anacyclus pyrethrum is libido booster and aphrodisiac.
 Singhara Water Chestnuts it is effective in the proper functioning of thyroid gland.
 Kaunch Mucuna pruriens Decrease in adrenaline seen in infertility is normalized with mucuna
 Musli safed Chlorophytum borivilianum Works as herbal viagra
 Tamarind Tamarindus indica Tamarind promotes a healthy heart
 Beej Band  Sida Cardifolio Linn Treats premature ejaculation produces semen
 Talmakhana Lotus seeds It works by alleviating jaundice and cleansing and purifying semen
 Zeera Safed Cumin  Maintains Immune Function & acts as Aphrodisiac
 Tudri Surkh Pepper-grass, Pepper-wort Used in penis blood flow
 Aspand Peganum harmala Stimulant on the central nervous system
 Kalonji Nigella sativa Improves Sex-drive, Fertility, Boosts Your Sperm
 Malkangni Climbing-staff plant Decrease fat deposition in liver
 Dar Chini Cinnamomum useful for men with sexual dysfunction
 Brahmi Bacopa monnieri Support healthy blood cells

What Makes IH3 Different?

penis enlargement capsule in india

IH3 penis enlargement capsule is different from other penis enlargement capsule & tablets such as Vigrx plus sikandra azam male extra extenz & xtra large because IH3 concentrates on making vital organ powerful & giving support to kidney’s & immune system, it also help in giving strength to sexual & reproductive organs & penis. Giving late but permanent result which last for life long in penis size & penis girth.

My Results With IH3 Penis Enlargement Tablets

First Month

Second Month

Third Month

IH3 Penis Enlargement Capsules Benefits

IH3 tablets increases sexual desires.
IH3 penis enlargement tablet makes your penis longer.
IH3 medicine boosts sexual performance.
IH3 pills increases sexual drive.
IH3 capsule improves the blood flow in penis.
It boosts libido.
It provides you with a harder and longer erection.

ih3-penis-enlargement-medicineIncrease penis size!

When using IH3 penis enlargement capsules you will be proud of your penis size length & girth.wouldn’t it be great to be able to boast about your sexual performance and have the ability to compare yourself with any adult film actor or porn star. IH3 penis enlargement tablet makes your penis longer stronger harder & firmer.

Be alpha male & act as the men of her dream.

Apart from making your penis shaft like steel IH3 sex medicine also improves your erection quality & boost libido giving power to act any time & hold your ejaculation for more time, which helps in getting orgasm for each partner.

Does IH3 Penis Capsule have any side effects? Side Effect of IH3

IH3 penis enlargement medicine is completely safe & free of side-effect / extra effect / harm effect as it is 100% herbal & natural. There are thousands of thousands customer from around the world & specially in INDIA who have used IH3 for penis enlargement & male enhancement & got good & permanent result without any side effect. There are dozens of doctors in INDIA who offer IH3 to their patients for penis enlargement.

Does IH3 increase penis size?

YES! IH3 increases penis size the natural way specially your penis is shrinked due to excess sexual act or masturbation or hand practice. It gives power to penile tissues & increases blood flow towards penis & hold blood in a larger quantity which makes your penis bigger in size.

Recommended Dosage of IH3

As i called customer care of IH3 today they told me to take IH3 penis enlargement tablets twice a day 1 in morning after breakfast & 2 at night after dinner. They told me to take it with glass of water as water is a universal soluble & dissolve capsule shell in a less time as compared to milk or other juices.

Morning. 1 after breakfast.

Night. 2 after dinner

Price of IH3

IH3 pennis enhancement capsules price is Rs. 750 in INDIA while there is no courier or shipping charges in India. If you order it from outside they may charge you extra based on your location. Currently there is 20% off on bank or card payment. I ordered my package by paying with paytm.

One Month PackRs. 750Rs.650
Two Months PackRs.1500Rs,1200
Three Months PackRs.2250Rs.1700

IH3 Alternative

Vig-Rx plus, Pro Solution Pills, Natural Gain Plus, Sir Maximus, Neosize XL, Member XXL, XtraSize, Atlant Gel, SizeGain Plus, Virility Pills, Titan Gel (Prosolution), Sinrex, Roaring tiger, Vplex, Vimax pills 2018, Sizepro Ultra, Enzyte, Erectzan, Extagen, Male Extra & Zenerxare alternatives of IH3 male enhancement pills.

How to purchase IH3 Penis Enlargement Capsule?

There are 3 ways to order & get IH3 penis Enlargement Medicine as below

  1. Official website
    You can go the the official website of IH3 www.PenisEnlargementFact.com & fillup the order form there
  2. On call order
    The most simple way to order IH3 penis medicine is to call their customer care at 9975004541 or 9637907060 or to send text SMS on any mobile number.
  3. By email
    If you want to order by email send email at mail@medcne.com with your name & full postal address.

Packing Of IH3 Penis Enlargement Capsule

ih3 packingI ordered IH3 at my address in Mumbai & it came in 2 days after making payment via Paytm in advance Rs. 1200 for 2 packs, They send me parcel with Shree maruti Courier. It was really packed professionally with customer privacy in mind as parcel was fully covered with white cloth having wax seal on it without any image or product name out side, for more you can have a look on the parcel below.

One pack was having 90 capsules inside a food grade plastic bottle which was packed gently for protection. The container was also having silicon gel for better protection from moister.

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