What is Xanogen?

Xanogen is natural pills to take your sexual desire to the highest level & increases your stamina to enjoy the sex life with fullest. Xanogen is not only beneficial for male but it also help increase desire of sex in female as once you have multiple orgasm she got interest in sex too. It is well formulated & balanced product to increase sexual stamina & desire naturally so that you can satisfy any girl every time.

How Does Xanogen Work?

Xanogen is specially made for sex lovers to give too much sexual pleasure all this benefits are due to it’s secret formula which increases penis length 7 penis girth during erection to give your partner full satisfaction. Xanogen help in secretion of free testosterone while supplying more & more oxify fresh blood to the penis cells which stores blood to create erection same as doing workout inside gym. It is biological law that the organ which gets more blood will be more powerful & strong.

Benefits of Xanogen

According to the manufacturer of Xanogen it has variety of benefits for male sexual health including

  • Xanogen increases quality of erection & hardness
  • Xanogen heightens testosterone level & stamina
  • Xanogen helps to achieve orgasm every time you do sex
  • Help to recover weakness after sex
  • More sexual desire
  • Porn star like performance

xanogen in india

Side Effect of Xanogen

As per manufacturer saying there are no known side effects of using Xanogen as it is made of 100% herbal ingredients in a well certified lab under qualified doctors. ()

After having deep study of ingredient we came to know that L-arginine in Xanogen is not suitable for people with heart problems Some customer also complain causing of the runs, stomach ache, and gout after using xanogen. However it is advisable to use any medicine only after certified doctor’s consultation.

Xanogen should not be taken by the person having acute myocardial infarction because it contain L-Arginine.

Xanogen Ingredients

The benefits of any medicine totally relay on it’s raw material or ingredients. On the manufacturer official website it show 10 ingredients in Xanogen behind it’s success as discussed below

  • Horny Goat WeedHorny Goat Weed commonly known as Epimedium is plant having aphrodisiac properties & boost testosterone level. The main active ingredient inside horny goat weed is Icariin. Icariin has chemical name prenylated flavonoid & is main reason behind the aphrodisiac nature of horny goat weed. Studies in a laboratory on mouse given result that higier dosage are testosterone booster while lower amount gives strength to bone.If taken by women’s after finishing monthly periods it show significance increase in estrogen level too.
  • L-ArginineL-arginine is a type of amino acid which helps in proteins formation. It convertsin nitric oxide (NO) after chemical reaction inside human body. Nitric Oxide plays major role in erection because it helps to relax blood vessels to supply more blood to penis muscles.
  • MacaMaca is a common & mostly used name for Lepidium Meyeni which is a root of a plant of the crucifer family grows in high Andes of Peru.Maca root contains vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids and antioxidants.Lepidium Meyeni or Maca root enhances Energy, Mood and brain function enhances wome’s Sexual Health keep estrogen hormone in level & increases male sperm count. It is good herbs to stop anemia and other cardiovascular diseases by providing iron in red blood cells.
  • YohimbeYohimbe has latin name as Indole Alkaloid which is obtained from bark of the Pausinystalia yohimbe evergreen tree usually grows in Middle Africa.Yohimbe is eaten orally to libido , for erectile dysfunction (ED), sexual problems & daily sexual problems in both genders. Yohimbe is a good supplement for body builders also help in weight loss, exhaustion, chest pain, high & low blood pressure, diabetic nerve pain, and for depression caused by taking medication.
  • BindiiBindii or cat’s-head or Tribulus Terrestris is annual tree of the caltrop family of a plant kingdom.Bindii is being used since centuries to increase performance for people having outdoors activity and for many other health issues including heart and circulatory conditions and sexual issues.Kindly keep in mind that you may feel warmer than usual after taking bindii & should not be used in summer.
  • Muira PuamaPtychopetalum olacoides or P. olacoides or Muira Puama is a small plant of Amizonas region of Brazil. Mostly it’s stems and roots are used as a tonic for neuromuscular problems.Some people from Amazon use it to cure dysentery and rheumatism it’s powder in water is applied on outer body to treat paralysis.Muira puama is a good & natural  sexual enhance. Muira Puama is answer to many people & researcher who are looking to get youthfull ness & sexual power again without side effect.
  • Xanthoparmelia scabrosaXanthoparmelia scabrosa By relaxing muscles around blood vessels in the penis, this lichen increases blood flow into the erectile tissues, creating more powerful erections.
  • Cnidium MonnierCnidium monnieri, which is also called snowparsely or herbal viagra is a flowering plant which is widly used in sex enhancement products.  Cnidium Monnier is a “pro-erectile” natural plant & affect the penis cells like viagra. In China it is considered as “herbal Viagra“.
  • Catuaba BarkCatuaba is a herbal tree usually found in the Amazon forest in the northern part of Brazil. In Brazilian natural herbal medicine, Trichilia catigua is considered a central nervous system enhancer with aphrodisiac nature and a wood detection is used for nervousness, poor memory, and sexual weakness. The citizens of Topi Indians have known about the sex-enhancing properties for many thousands years perhaps combining it with muira puama and other herbal aphrodisiacs.In fact Catuba is a native word which mean a plant which gives power to Indian.
  • Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA)GABA increases HGH levels leading to euphoric, passionate feelings before and during ejaculation.


Xanogen Price & Packing

Currently Xanogen manufacturer is offering 40% off on it’s official store. Detailed price is given in a below table

One Month Pack60 Capsules89.95 US$10% Off
Three Months Pack180 Capsules56.65 US$40% Off
Five Months pack300 Capsules46.99 US$56 % Off

While on amazon.com one pack is available for US$ 64.10 sold by Royalty Health.

How to order Xanogen?

There are too many vendors & affiliate who are selling Xabogen in India & online over the internet from where you can order to get home delivery. It is good to order from the official website only to avoid cheating any delay in order & to get the original Xanogen. Official website for Original Xanogen is http://www.xanogen.com/

Xanogen Contact Number & address

Xanogen contact Number is 1-855-510-0958 & Xanogen is marketed by a company called Applied Science labs, and distributed by Response Commerce located in Hollywood, FL. USA.

Xanogen In India

Xanogen is not available on retail medical shops & chemist stores in India I searched for xanogen in Mumbai Delhi Bangalore Chennai & Hyderabad but no one said that yes it is available. Still you can order Xanogen in India from Amazon.com & Xanogen.com

Xanogen Customer Reviews

1. This testimonial is by Mr. Craig – who lives in Trenton, New Jersey

“As a man of average size, I always wanted a larger penis. Since using Xanogen, I have gained roughly 2 1/2 inches. I also hold an erection for much longer than before. This was a great side benefit my new girlfriend greatly appreciated!” Results are not typical. Customer experiences may vary.

2. This review is from Mr. T. S. La Fayette who lives & ordered xanogen at Louisiana address

“I’ve tried jelquing techniques for a number of years but Xanogen supplied fast, noticeable results. I think I’ll stick with this product and give my sore wrists a rest!” Results are not typical. Customer experiences may vary.

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