What is Refollium Capsule?

Refollium or folliclerx are the capsules which is marketed online for the regrowth of hair. Manufacturer claims that it si Natural Hair Regrowth Solution which shocked scientist & doctors all over the world & they claim that it starts showing result in just 30 days. It is also available on many B2B marketplace like indiamart . Refollium is manufactured with follic acid biotin & other multivitamins & said to be 100% natural.

How Refollium or Folliclerx Capsule works?

As the manufacturer claim it is manufactured with the help of leading dermatologist :) :) :) Haha ( dermatologist & hair growth ) & it works in 4 stages as followshow Refollium folliclerx works

  1. Anagen – Growing Phase
    In Anagen stage hair follicle begins to enlarge and grow deeper into the scalp.
    When the hair follicle goes deep enough to form hair bulb the last bottom, connective structure of hair connect to the bulb & hair shaft enlarge & grows upwards & comes outside scalp & become shining hair everyone loves.
  2. Catagen – Regression Phase
    Catagen regression phase is a transitional phase in the hair growth cycle, this phase make chemical as well as structural changes in hair. The hair passes involution, which is a process of progressive decline or degeneration. The involution process largely brings about a burst of programmed cell death (apoptosis) in the majority of follicular keratinocytes.
  3. Telogen – Resting Phase
    The telogen phase is the resting phase of the hair follicle a dynamic organ found in all mammalian & human skin. When a person suffer from a stress & tension & depression , about 80 percent of hair can prematurely enter the telogen phase and become weak & start falling with comb & at the time of shower this condition is called telogen effluvium.
  4. Exogen – Shedding Phase
    The hair shedding phase or hair shedding function is a part of telogen phase in the eye of many hair expert & doctors but we are categorizing it as a 4th phase for convenience.In this phase body makes hair shine stunning strong & to look healthier. Yes Yes This is the phase which makes your hair look like Juhi Chawla

For whom Refollium or Folliclerx is made?

Refollium or folliclerx is made & being advertised for one who is suffering from hair loss or baldness which can have many psychological and emotional issue with it as follows

  • Losing confidence in one’s appearance
  • Depression and other problems
  • They feel that they have been older & not youngsters any more
  • They can not have any hairstyle
  • Loss of social activities after thinking that they do not look good to others

Is Refollium or Folliclerx fraud product?

I am not 100% sure but it seems that Refollium or Folliclerx is a total fraud medicine & do not work as thousands of people are searching for contact number & address of Refollium or Folliclerx as the product do not comes with any real address or customer care number to call & get help. Apart from this the company is not giving any after sale service & not taking back any product as promised.

They claims such a amazing result which is not possible with any type of medicine.Refollium

Refollium Contact Number

Below are phone numbers which is displayed on the website, It looks that rifollium is marketed by a multi national company has offices or at least customer care in all major countries including India.

Argentina : +54-1152357148Australia : +61 (0)2 8038 5055Bolivia : +52 66 4231 7944
Canada : +1 888 752-5865Chile : +52 66 4231 7944Colombia : +57-13816857
Costa Rica : +52 66 4231 7944Germany : +49 30 568 37 00570The Dominican Republic : +52 66 4231 7944
Ecuador : +52 66 4231 7944Spain : +52-664 2317944France : +33 (0)9 75 18 52 53
Guatemala : +52 66 4231 7944Hong Kong : +852 3008 5769Italy : +39 1992 43119
Japan : +81-3-6890-8683Mexico : +52 66 4231 7944Malaysia : +60 1-800-816-764
New Zealand: +64 (0)9 801 0268Panama : +52 66 4231 7944Peru : +52 66 4231 7944
Paraguay : +52 66 4231 7944Taiwan : +886 2 7703 2440United Kingdom: +44 (0)843 378 0154
United States of America: 877-608-1013Uruguay : +52 66 4231 7944Venezuela : +52 66 4231 7944

Refollium Price in India

Refollium Hair Health Support
(1-Month Supply)

Total Amount Rs. 4,400
New Member Special 60% Discount After Discount Rs.1679

GST: Rs.201

FREE Shipping:

Total Rs.1880

How to order Refollium?

There are many website from where you can place your order for Refollium capsules. Two main website are as below apart from the below Refollium is also available on many online shopping portal such as ebay amazon & indiamart.


Refollium Ingredients

Folic Acid

If your body get much folic acid hair growth will occur naturally. Deficiency of folic acid is one of the main reason behind 80% hair fall, Hair loss & baldness. Apart from hair health folic acid also plays important role in treating cancer & anemia. If you are experiencing premature graying of hair you should think about taking folic acid rich foods & fruits in your daily meal.

Horse Chestnut Seed Extract

Horse Chestnut Seed Extract is beneficial for Hair because of its fatty acids, proteins and short-chain sugars. Hair which has been damaged by dyes, hair dryers and chemical treatments are easily repaired & protected by Horse Chestnut Seed Extract. Horse Chestnut Seed Extract is used to protect hair from damage without causing buildup and is said to impart a glossy look to hair.

Saw Palmetto

Saw palmetto is a natural herb which is known by everyone for its ability to cure hair damage and reverse hair fall. Saw palmetto is rich in fatty oils and phytosterols which encompass plant sterols and stanols, it has been used in traditional medicine since ancient times by the Native Americans, Mayans, Seminoles & Indians. The fruit of Saw palmetto encompass plant sterols and stanolsplant is considered highly helpful for stimulating hair growth. Here’s why you should include saw palmetto in your hair care routine:


Dermatologist and pediatric doctors & researchers from around the world are recommending the use of biotin for hair growth. Biotin helps you maintain healthy hair and nails, helping to prevent them from looking brittle and dull. Using Biotin helps promote healthier looking and thicker hair in line with your natural hair growth cycle. Nowadays there are thousands of biotin product in the market for hair fall & hair loss.


Silica is main chemical element that is found almost in every part of the body & plays very important role in hair too. The shine of the hair which attract everyone in young people in due to the presence of high amount of silica.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E or Vitamin E oil can be used to treat dry hair & to repair hair trunk.If you are looking for thick & youthful hair, vitamin E could be your answer. Consume 1 capsule of vitamin E daily to ensure you are getting the adequate vitamins that are needed for strong, thick hair. You can also opt for using foods & fruits that are rich in Vitamin E.

Refollium Benefits

According to manufacturing & Refollium marketing company ot has wide range of benefits for hair & scalp. As they claim the ingredients it seems very effective as every ingredients in rifollium is known to have very good effect of hair & over all body, following are the main benefits you can get from rifollium capsules

  • Prevent Hair Loss
  • Increase Hair Growth on head
  • Thickens and Strengthens Hair & it’s quality
  • Prevent damage of the hair
  • Makes hair thick naturally
  • Prevent baldness on head & forehead
  • Repair spilt end of the hair specially in ladies
  • Regrowth hair
  • Increase the quantity of the hair in every part of the head
  • Improve your appearance by hair style & hair quality

Also beneficial for the people suffering from

  • People suffering from thin hair & low hair quality
  • People suffering from breakage of the hair in the middle during shower or comb
  • People who are tired from pattern baldness on head or forehead

Refollium Side Effect

There is no known side effect of Refollium mentioned anywhere or said by the manufacturing company.

However it is a good habit to consult your local doctor before taking any kind of medicine specially if you are ordering it online.

Refollium Reviews & Refollium Complain

There are many complaint from the customers of Refollium  for cheating & fraud dealing which you can read on below links

  • Refollium — automatically placed the order of 1270 and said me to pay by cash on delivery…
  • Refollium — fake product selling wrong commitment
  • Refollium — fake product and fooling people.
  • Refollium — refund of money
  • Refollium — incomplete information about the product
  • Refollium — duplicate medicines for hair fall
  • Refollium — return refollium and refund money
  • Refollium — spam company, is this some kind of joke loafers refollium doctor
  • more detail about the complaint

Refollium Before & After Photo

Refollium Before After photo

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