Durex Play Introduction

Durex is a famous & international condom manufacturing company based in U.K. having a wide presence in India too. While Durex Play is a range of Lubes, Gels, Penis Ring & Vibration Ring range of product manufactured & marketed by Durex. Durex has over 100+ years of experience in providing service in love & sex field under the name of London Rubber Company.Durex was sold to Reckitt Benckiser in July 2010.

Durex Play Products

There are two types of product which durex markets under the name of durex play.

Lubes & Gels

durex play massage gel lubesDurex manufactures many products in the field of sexual lubes, oils & gels for maximize pleasure & enjoy during intercourse for both the partners. The product in the range of Durex Play comes in many flavors & colors.

After foreplay during sexual intercourse women’s vagina get’s lubricated & wet automatically to be ready for easy penetration & pleasure & to avoid pain after entrance of penis. Lubricants & sex gels also increases male sex timing as in presence of more lubricant or sex gels weather it is natural or artificially added there is less friction on the penis by vaginal walls.

When there is lake of lubricants inside women’s vagina there is pain & tiredness of sex by women’s. In such cases Durex lubricants plays important role & maximize sexual pleasure.

Durex play lubricants or sex gels can be used with vibrators & sex toys too.

Why use lubes?

Lubes & sex gels comes in different colors & flavors which makes sex a fun & a enjoyable game. Peoples or couple who got tired with the same sex pleasure or same sex experience can add spice or masala to their sexual life by using sex lubes & sex gels.

Lubes & sex oil also make it easy & comfortable for newly married couple to decrease the pain. Nowadays lubes or sex gels comes with stimulating component wich gives tingling or little buring sensation in vagina to give her more pleasure & reach orgasm.

ProductPackingPrice in USDPrice in INR
Durex Play Massage Gel Stimulating200ml8.83560
Durex Play Massage Gel Sensual200ml8.88563
Durex Play Lube Strawberry50ml5.65358 Currently unavailable
Durex Play Lube Cherry50ml5.65358 Currently unavailable
Durex Play Lube Tingle50ml4.73300

Durex Play Massage Gel Stimulating

Durex play recently introduced Massage Moods collection of gels. Play Stimulating Massage gel is made of Guarana, Paullinia cupana Guarana is a plant named for the Guarani tribe in the Amazon region in Brazil. who used the seeds to brew a drink. Today, guarana seeds are widely used in medicine for weight loss, to enhance athletic performance, as a stimulant, and to reduce mental and physical fatigue. Guarna in Durex play stimulating massage gel stimulates the vagina to increase the enjoyment & feeling.

Play Stimulating Massage Gel is soft, smooth and silky and can be used on the full body beside sexual organ. The well & good quality fragrance in Durex Play massage stimulating gel gives you feeling of being a king on bed.

Durex Play Massage Gel Sensual

Durex Play™ Sensual Massage 2 in 1 is enriched with seductive Ylang Ylang or Cananga odorata extract from Indonesia has a sweet, soft, flowery fragrance that has made it a romantic favorite and has a delicate fragrance for an arousing aromatherapy experience. Its soft, smooth & silky form of final product is easy to use with no sticky feeling as other sex oils.Being a water soluble it is easy to get rid after playing & reliving your stress.

Durex Play Lube Strawberry

Strawberries are for you too, It’s not for the children ice creams only you can now have benefits of strawberries in your sex life too. The hunger & sweaty fragrance of strawberries heightens your feeling & apatite to do more & more on bed to use as a oral or internal lubricant. It comes in 50ml bottles.

Durex Play Lube Cherry

Durex Play™ Cheeky Cherry pleasure gel and lube are sugar free & edible to be used as internal vaginal anal or as a oral to remembering & sensual feeling or days lasting. Durex play cherry is perfect to use on the first date & must carry item in honeymoon bag. The cherry flavor is perfect to keep her in your trance till the night ends.


If used with condoms it’s sensation gets double, YES i am talking about durex condom.

Durex Play Lube Tingle

As the name tells Tingle it provides tingling sensation on the areas where it is applied the ingredients inside play tingle have cool & warm feeling on skin which is not as menthol.


DUREX ULTRA LITTLE DEVIL VIBRATIONSApart from gel & lubes durex also offer small sex toys as a penis ring to add more excitement in sex. With the use of durex ring you can give her time to remember for a life time.

A vibrator by durex which act as a small sex toy stimulates the enjoyment for both the partners as it for extra touch & feeling. While your penis is inside this vibratos is also working to play with her vaginal walls & clitoris outer & upper part of women’s vagina, penis, anus or scrotum. you can choose from different design & style which suites you. Vibrators or penis ring eases for her to reach orgasm.

ProductPackingPrice in USDPrice in INR
Play Ultra1 pack Sold Out Sold Out
Play Little Devil1 pack Currently unavailable. Currently unavailable.
Durex Play Vibrations1 packCurrently unavailable.Currently unavailable.

Play Ultra

Benefits & advantages of Durex Play Ultra Ring Vibrator

  • Increases enjoyment
  • Sensual & stimulating feeling
  • Good penis toy
  • Can be switched off when in idle position
  • Easy to use
  • Water resistance & comes with great health grade material

Dimensions of Durex Play Ultra Ring Vibrator :
Depth X Width X Height (in mm): 37.00 X 59.97 X 109.78

Play™ Ultra™ Pleasure ring is designed to bring up to 30 minutes of quivering pleasure to both you and your partner.

Don’t forget to use some lubricants or oil on penis when using this ring for maximum result.

Display Passion :

Couple get tired & bored with the same feeling & sex position to reignite the enthusiasm by giving more time to foreplay & external toys as this ring you can make your sex life fun again.

Play Little Devil

Durex Play Vibrations

Where to order DUREX PLAY?

Durex Play Address

U.K. Address
RB Consumer Relations
PO Box 4044
Slough, SL1 0NS

0333 2005 345

India Address

RB Consumer Care
PO Box No. 31, Plot No. 450A-451
Udyog Vihar, Phase-V, Sector 19,
Gurgaon – 122016
Haryana, India

Corporate Office

Plot no. 48 Institutional Area
Sector 32
Gurgaon 122001
Haryana, India

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