What is Goji Cream?

Face is the most attracted part & identification of the human. Face is the first part on which one looks when he meet some one. Attractive healthy & glowing skin is what which makes any face beautiful, a skin with wrinkles, black dots, black spot and white heads is no longer looking young & beautiful. Regardless of the many reasons of the wrinkles, black spots, sun burn & white heads Goji Cream gives you younger glowing skin in a short period of time. Goji Cream support internal anti-aging potential of the skin, removes signs of fatigue, smothes and moisturizes, visibly improves skin tone and resistance. To make your skin younger appealing & sexy.

Himalayan Goji Cream is a face cream with very good anti-aging properties. It has all the benefits of goji berries, which has many beneficial chemicals for skin & known as super food. It also gives you protection from sun burn & other dangerous effects of environment & pollution. This great face cream is made with goodness of nature along with modern technology.Goji Cream India

Benefits Of Original Goji Cream

Goji cream maintains the ph chemical level of your skin regardless of your skin color light or dark maintaining the ph balance of your skin, so that your skin does not feel excessive oily or acutely dry.
Goji cream is made with natural ingredients like goji berries which make your skin glistening and glowing. After few days of use your dark spot becomes light & slowly goes away, It also removes under eye dark spot which vanishes your personality.
Goji cream remove dead skin cells and brighten up and moisturize your skin to the maximum extent. Goji cream doesn’t not have any bad or side effect on your skin.

  • Goji Fairness cream lightens age spots and wrinkles
  • Gooji Fairness cream gives protection from sun & pollution
  • It protects from environmental damage
  • This cream slows down aging mark
  • Fairness creams makes you younger & sexy

Goji Cream Original

Side Effect Of Original Goji Cream

There is no known side effect of goji cream. Goji cream is made of goji berries which is a well known berry which works without any side effect. Being an external application on face you should not worry from the side effect.

Himalayan Goji Cream Ingredients

Goji Cream formula is very short & easy as It contains all natural components for the benefits of your skin.

  • The key component of the goji cream is extract of Goji berries. These berries are being used from centuries undreds of years ago in Asia for achieving the perfect and youthful look. Infact goji is the secret behind the great result of this cream.
  • The second most effective ingredients in goji cream is grape seed oil. Grapes seed oil is effective in nourishment & moisturizing skin. In combine it gives you younger look with fresh feeling.
  • Another ingredients in this cream is Jojoba oil. Jojoba oil is well known for stopping skin aging. It is not a belief but clinically proven fact that this ingredient is able to stop changes in skin cells.

Apart above herbs & fruits oil this cream contain some other herbs & extract powder which make your skin look new & perfect. The unique feature of the cream raw material is that each one is selected by hand & quality is maintained in every process. So that it’s effectiveness & result are same in every pack.

What are Goji Berries?What Are Goji Berries

Scientific name for goji berry is Lycium barbarum which is called 枸杞 in Chinese. Goji, goji berry, or wolfberry are the other names for goji which is the fruit of plant Lycium barbarum or Lycium chinense, of boxthorn in the nightshade family, Solanaceae. The fruit has also been an ingredient in traditional Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Japanese medicine, since at least the 3rd century CE.

In recent few decades the world came to know about the benefits os goji while it were used for centuries in China by herbal experts & doctors for their medicinal benefits. It has very good anti aging properties in it.

It is said that there was a man in china who lived for more than 250 years by taking goji soup in his meal every day. This red colored small berries are first discovered & used by Buddhist monks in tibetian mountainous forest.

Goji berries are very nutrient-dense & tasty. They have bright red color which is due to high beta-carotene content which helps in fresh blood formation. Goji berries are also filled to the brim with amino acids. They also contain other carotenoids apart from beta carotene including zeaxanthin, lutein, beta-cryptoxanthin, and lycopene. Other nutrients goji berries have are B vitamins, a lot of vitamin C and more than 30 trace minerals including iron, zinc, copper, calcium, selenium, etc.

Manufacturer of Goji Cream

Himalayan Goji CreamOne site on internet claims that German company Hendel is the manufacturer of the cream. It’s a legitimate & well known cosmetic brand which makes a scope of items for excellence and well being. The company embraced a series of tests and clinical experiment which demonstrated the viability of the cream.

You can find numerous positive remarks on maturing Goji Cream. This cream depends on goji berries and other natural components. It can saturate, sustain and restore your skin. The impact from experiencing a full treatment course utilizing the cream will give you the outcome like Botox infusions. In any case, the choice of utilizing the cream will cost you altogether less. Additionally, the cream will take care of your issues effortlessly.

How to use Goji Cream

Effectiveness and final effects

The cream was tested by many dermatologist from all over the world. Its result are seen on all skin type & age. It decreases redness, alleviates disturbance and reestablishes the skin’s solid shading and restores younger look & feeling. The goji in this cream protects you from harmful effect of UV rays & sun.

How to order Goji Cream in India?

You can order goji cream in India online as it is not available in retail stores & medical shops in Mumbai Bengaluru Hyderabad Chennai Kolkata Pune Ahmedabad & Surat medical shops. You can order it from this official site http://in.goji-cream.com The price is for Rs. 3800 but you can get it at 50% discount for Rs.1900 only.

Goji Cream in Lebanon

You can order it from the below link http://lb.goji-cream.com for 150000 LBP 75000 in Lebanon

Goji Cream in Jordan

You can order original goji cream in jordan for 42 JOD *84 JOD in Jordan http://jordan.goji-cream.com

Before & After Photos of Goji Cream

Before & After Photos of Goji Cream

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