What is Spanish Gold Fly?

Originally Spanish fly is an emerald-green insect like beetle, called Lytta vesicatoria, in the blister beetle family of Meloidae species. This green beetle is widly used in traditional sexual medicine & ladies mood enhancer which comes in liquid form.It’s been said that cantharidin forced some animals to mate to soothe the immediate sexual urge that hit them when the Spanish fly touched their bodies.

Spanish Gold Fly is liquid Aphrodisiac & female sex enhancer ( Pheromone ) for Libido Enhancer or Libido Booster. When taken internally it orders the women brain  to increase the libido, arousal, and desire for having sex.spanish fly gold spanish fly pro

Who should use Spanish Gold Fly?

Spanish fly is made for the women’s who are feeling low interest in having sexual relation or having low sexual libido. It is also claimed by manufacturer companies that spanish fly gold is having same properties for the males too. Please remember that it is not fact & i personally don’t believe on this.

Need of Spanish gold fly

Good , great question. in fact after the invention of VIAGRA by Pfizer for male enhancement & premature ejaculation there was need for something same for the women’s too & cheating companies catches this big opportunity & launched many products same like Spanish Fly. Nowadays market is full of china made or low grade fraud product on the name of female enhancement.

Does Spenish Gold Fly Work?

When Spanish Fly came into the market, it was being used externally while today it is being taken internally by mouth mixed with some liquid juices or simply water. Most products in the market on the name of Spanish Fly, Germany Sex Drops, Spanish Gold Fly, Spanish Fly LOVE, Spanish Fly Pro & German Sex Drops are simple water or homeopathic liquid & do not work. I personally believe that even the original Spanish Fly don’t work as advertised.

Because original form of of Spanish Fly works by irritating user’s body when applied externally, especially sexual parts & vagina & makes clitoris more sensitive and a woman’s body reacted with raising her libido and desire.

Benefits of Spanish Gold Fly / Pro

According to many advertise on internet spenish fly affect on ladies by

  • Immediately increased sex drive
  • Making vagina wet & ready
  • Higher feeling & sensation of even minor friction in vagina
  • Increased desire to have sex
  • Not being satisfy from single shot
  • More sensitive clitoris
  • More blood flow to sexual part

Men can expect:

  • Get quick erection
  • More intensive and longer orgasm
  • Increased demand of sex
  • More control over premature ejaculation

spanish flySide effect of Spanish Fly love

Spanish fly increases a female sex libido and enhances the sexual functions. Cantharides is the key ingredient of spanish fly or Germany Sex Drop which can cause lot of troubles with the urine system.

If you took a minute to even search the internet for the extremely possible side effects of Spanish Gold Fly trust us, you wouldn’t be reading this review. Yes, that’s how bad they are, here are a few

  1. Is can hurt fetus if a women is pregnant
  2. It can be used on a female without her notice
  3. It may be used to blackmail females
  4. Spanish gold fly may be used to harass ladies sexually
  5. Germany sex drop can me mixed in a larger public drinking water tank
  6. Germany Sex Drop can caused injury if overdose
  7. In parties & function some one can mix in liquor

Other Side Effect of Spanish Fly

Spanish Fly Pro can cause confusion, cell damage, passing out and psychosis.
Spanish fly is made of dead beetle part, I don’t know how old is this & how it was kept.
Spanish Gold Fly makes your eyes blind temporary some time.

Spanish Gold Fly Fraud / Scam

As i already mentioned in earlier lines there is high demand to some thing viagra like product for female or medicine for female excitement. Due to this too fraud & cheating companies came into this field & making people fool on the name of instant female arousal tablets , female sex mood tablets & instant female arousal pills while majority of them do not work & none of them work as claimed.

How to use Spanish gold fly drops

Procedure to take spanish gold fly is very simple & is as follows

  • Mix spanish pro with some juice or with water
  • It works best with red wine or with some liquor
  • Spanish Fly Pro do not work with coffee tea or hot beverage
  • One spanish fly pro is taken it should work in 10 minutes or less

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Spanish Fly Gold in India

India has very well mannered, well respected & joint culture in term of life style & dealing with relationship. I don’t think that there is any need for any product like spanish fly in india in presence of Ayurveda & other alternative systems of medicine presence in india. Spanish fly in India is not good as it can be miss use as here in india we usually have joint families where eating & drinking with cousins are normal & daily routine.

Spanish Gold Fly Alternatives & Spanish Fly Price

There are many alternatives of spanish fly as mentioned below


Product NameProduct ImageSimilarityPrice
Spanish Fly Prospanish fly pro80%US$ 52.95

Spanish Fly Pro in India


Spanish Fly LoveSpanish Fly Love74%US$ 49.95

Spanish Fly Love in India


Provestra Pills53%US$ 79.95

Provestra Pills in India


Spanish Gold Fly DropsSpanish Gold Fly Drops49%US$ 34.99

Spanish Gold Fly Drops in India


Germany Sex DropsGermany Sex Drops42%US$ 13

Germany Sex Drops in India


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