What is Sanda Oil?

I am going to split this question in two parts for better understanding of the fact because most people who read this cannot have enough information about the product & real function while on the google there are many companies & several types of packing available with the same name.

Sanda Oil As A Brand

Renovision Exports Pvt. Ltd. (REPL) was established in 1994 based in Pulwarisharif Patna Bihar is a registered trademark owner for Saandhha Oiil. The most popular saandhha oiil available in market.

Sanda Oil for Penis Enlargement by Malparsi Pharma.

The above tow specially the first one captured very huge market share for penis enlargement oil in India.

Original Sanda Oil ( Rock Monitor Oil )

The original sanda oil as the word sanda is present is a oil extracted from a fats & testis of a reptile called sanda.

What is Sanda?

sanda or monitor lizard

SANDA / Saara_hardwickii a type of Monitor lizard found in forest & deserts of Africa & Indian sub continent having split tongue like snakes. Some of them are venomous & can grow in a size of 15 foots in length called komodo dragon native to Indonesia. While the one from which oil is extracted is found in Indian & Pakistani desert. In ARAB countries their meat is eaten as a sexual & aphrodisiac food because of very hot in nature while it’s blood & fat is used to massage on human body specially on penis to get strength.Its meat it a good aphrodisiac & increases the sexual performance in male & female, Arabs are fond of it.Sandha or monitor lizards are very powerful, They have very strong power holding /capturing power. Ancients military used it to climb on the walls of fort. For this they tie a strong rope in monitor lizard vest & throw it on the upper walls of fort as the wall comes monitor holds the walls of the fort tightly & a person from army climb the wall with the help of lower end of the rope.

How sanda oil is made?

It was my early 10 or 12th when i was going by street & saw a person selling sanda oil my making infront of customer he was having too many live sanda in his big bag arrested uing trap or by using cages when a customer ask & deal if final the sandataken outside of bag & slaughtered by using sharp knife its sking is very thick & hard after this fat & testis is collected by tearing stomach & chest. Then fat are placed in a vessel on a burner After some time when fat start dissolving oil in collected in perfume like bottle & given to customer with a instruction to use. I was child that time but as far as it was for Rs. 300+ for a bottle of 10 ml.  At that time sugar was Rs.14 per kg.

original sanda oil

Above is the packing of original sanda oil for penis which my friend sent from Kuwait with it’s velvet pouch.

Is the Original Sanda oil available now?

No, Original sandha oil is not available in India as it’s hunting is illegal & can lead to heavy fine & imprisonment.Still after some time there is news on T.V. or papers that Poachers are hunting sanda for the making of oil, As being a strange & new thing for modern people it gets very high price.

Original sanda oil is available in China, Pakistan, Indonesia & Arab counties where demand is high & catching, hunting & eating of sandha meat is permitted.

How Sanda Oil Works?

When Sanda Oil massaged on penis shaft it get absorbed into the blood stream and increases the blood circulation being hot in nature and expand the interior cavity of the penis. As a result it makes penis erectile chamber (corpora cavernosa) to expand in capacity & size and enlarge the whole penis size.Being very hot & aphrodisiac in nature it also gives power the muscles applied on giving overcoming power for premature ejaculation.Sanda oil has been used & trusted for penis massage, penis enlargement, & penis size by ancient indian raja’s even Mugals.

Sanda Oil Penis Enlargement Oil Usage

  • Take about 10 to 15 drops of Sandha oil.
  • Massage the oil properly on your penis including shaft & glance.
  • Massage with the help of index finger & thumb.
  • Massage very gently, Do not press too hard.
  • some advice to cover the penis with betel leaf ( Paan ) after completing the massage for maximum result.
  • You can have some rest allowing oil to get absorb properly in penis.
  • Use Sandha oil regularly for about 2 months.

Sanda Oil Benefits

Please remember that below benefits are for the original sanda oil ( Rock Monitor Oil ) which is not available in India.

I ordered one of my friends in Kuwait ( He is working there ) to purchase a bottle for me, he did but could not send by courier as it got stuck in custom being a liquid. He sent another for me with the hand of his friends coming on vacation to Kerala India. I got a parcel from kerala & used the product it was without packing in a perfume bottle of 20ml costing Rs.6500 or 30 kuwaiti dinar.

  • Makes penis longer & thicker

After using this original sanda oil, after few days i realise that penis weight has increased & it feels rigid & solid like never before.

  • Helps in getting harder erection.

FGetting erection is now very easy & it feels very hard.

  • Gives you ability to overcome premature ejaculation

It gives you power to overcome pre mature ejaculation by giving ability to control PC muscles.

  • Increases strength of Penis.

Penis is now more rigid solid & it feels strong like never before.

  • Increases sexual libido.

Original sanda oil also increases your hunger towards sex, by giving more interest in sexual relation with females.

  • Increased stamina timing.

It gives more timing of sex & ejaculation do not happen even after the usual time.

  • Help in reaching climax & orgasm

You get very good & like never before orgasm which has tingling sensation &, it can not be described it can only be realize.

Sanda Oil Side effect

It doesn’t have any known side effect except if you are you some type of skin allergy.

It will not hurt you as far as you don’t apply it on cuts & open/inner part of the body.

Sanda Oil Packing

Usually Sandha penis enlargement oil comes in a 15 ml dropper packing.

types of sanda oil packing

You can see above & on internet that in India there are many types of SANDA OIL available on the name of original sanda oil.

Sanda Oil Contains

Sanda Oil Available in MarketOriginal Sanda Oil
 There are many oil available in the market but we are going to discuss the most famous penis enlargement oil in India by REPL pharmacy.100%

Oil extracted by using hot press method from monitor lizard or sandha fats & testis.

 Kalaunji Oil
 Aswagandha Extract
 Sura sar
 Dhatura ext.
 Mustard Oil as base

Although original sanda oil for penis enlargement is not available in idia I personally recommend usage of Saandhha oil available in indian market due to it’s low cost & presence of Aswagandha & Dhatura Extract in it.

Sandha Penis Enlargement Oil Price

The price for the original one is very high according to weight & age of sanda from which oil is being extracted, It may cost Rs.4500 for 10 ML.

While other oil’s on the same name available in India cost from Rs. 235 to Rs. 450 per 15 ML pack.

Sanda Oil Alternative

There are alternative for Sandha penis enlargement oil mentioned below

  1. Earthworm Oil –
  2. Leach Oil
  3. Snake Oil
  4. Velvet Buchi Oil
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