What is Japani Oil?

Japani oil is a ayurvedic massage oil for penis enlargement made of using natural herbs as per ayurvedic regulations without using any external fragrance color or preservatives to deliver maximum possible result natural way.Usually it is to overcome penis weakness & increases the penis hardness by strengthening of the tissues in penis corpora cavernosa, urethra, cavernous arteries & spongy bodies inside penis which stores & keep blood during erection.japani oil

Details of Japani Tail

While we are going to read everything about Japani Tail i thought that we must learn about other less important detail about this tail

Why it is called Japani Oil?

Do not confuse with the word JAPAN, a island nation in East Asia. Located in the Pacific Ocean with Tokyo as capital. I tried a lot to know the reason behind it’s name even i called customer care number mentioned on packet which was switched off ( 22 September at 11:30 ) but 🙁  🙁  sorry i could not find the reason.After all i made a conclusion of myself that may they put it’s name as Japani because India being a rural country, Japan a dream & developed & most advanced country, & Japan a name of quality & technology in manufacturing products, the word JAPANI will attract more & more customer compare to other names.

Can it be used as Sexual Lubricants?

No. It shouldn’t be used as lubricants during sex because presence of

Malla: Malla or mall is a ayurvedic name for Arsenic, Sankhia a poisonous chemical element.It is very toxic but used in ayurvedic & unani system of medicine externally & internally ( after process ).

Hartal: Hartal Warqia or Orpiment in english is a toxic mineral found in volcanic fumaroles, hydrothermal veins & hot spring.

Laung: Clove being a local anasthetic & having stimulating properties in.

All above ingredients can cause irritation & itching to female vagina & can cause some more skin complication.

How old is japani oil?

Chaturbhuj Pharmacuetical  a manufacturing company of Japani Tail incorporated in 2005, in Haridwar.Now it is 12 years old, Being only 12 years of age they have captured very big market share which shows good customer result & service.

What is it for?

Japani Tills provides strength to local muscular tissues of penis resulting in good erection & power.


  • Gives Harder Erection,by clearing the arteries in penis.
  • Control premature ejaculation tighten the nerve so you can have more control over premature ejaculation.
  • Gives power & strength to penis shaft to erect in straight & firmer way
  • Enlarge penis size ( only if it got shrieked due to masturbation )
  • Overall its best for the penis massage in general & daily basis

Side Effect

There is no known side effect of this oil. However one should not use it more than 10 bottles because of its poisonous content.

Japani Oil Ads.

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Composition of Japani Oil

Each 5 ml of Japani Tail contain

Ingredients NameEnglish NameLatin NameQuantity in Milli Grams
AkarkaraPellitory RootAnacyclus pyrethrum50 mg
Malla / SankhiaArsenicArsenicum25 mg
MalkangniStaff Tree OilCelastrus paniculatus Wild12.5 mg
Kesar / ZafranSaffronCrocus sativus25 mg
HarttalOrpimentAuripigmentum62.5 mg
Jaitoon OilOlive OilOlea europaeaQ.S.
LaungClove OilSyzygium aromaticum50 mg
Tilli oilSesame OilSesamum indicumQ.S.

Brief Study of Ingredients

Here we are going to study of lesser know components of Japani Tail. To be very very honest it is the one i have ever seen with metalic & minerals inside. In ayurveda when these metalic or minerals contents are there, it mean the product is made with high care & is very effective for the said problems.


Arsenic is a natural component of the environment and is widely available in environment in the air, water and land. It is highly toxic in nature.

Direct & long term ( very long term ) contact with arsenic can cause cancer.


Orpiment effect on tridosha by Bblancing kapha and pitta.It is compound form of arsenic gold & mercury. As the word GOLD with it i called some dealer from indiamart & know the price but it is cheaper as 900 to 7000 per kg. according to quality.

Making Process


Japani Oil comes in a packing of 15 ml in white plastic homeopathy like dropper.


It cost you Rs. 171  per pack of 15 ml on offline medical shops. while online rates are different from Rs. 150 to 250 with shipping.

How to Massage

First have a comfortable standing in a close room with lights on so you can prevent bottler from falling & drip few 5 /7 drops of oil on penis & rub it gently with two fingers for few minutes & leave for 4 hours at least then you can wash.

Other Usage

As the japani oil ingredients tells you can also use it as a painkiller & as antiseptic oil externally.


There are few other oils in the market for the same problem ( Result are not same )

  • Sanda Oil
  • Farba Oil
  • Snake Oil
  • Pnile Oil
  • Afgani Oil
  • Mast Mood Oil

How to order

You can order it online from Ebay, Shopclues, Amazon & many other portals as manufacture Chaturbhuj Pharma do not accept online order. ( i dont know why they are missing sales. )


Chaturbhuj Pharmaceutical Co.

6A/77 , Integrated Industrial Estate

Ranipur , HARIDWAR – 249403

Uttrakhand INDIA

Customer Care

There is only one number which is still switched off is 8225986383 on true caller it shows JAPANI.

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