What is O Long Cream?

O Long Cream is a penis enlargement cream of India manufactured by Labolia Laborate Pharmaceuticals which is very effective cream having all the goodness of natural herbal extracts intended to increase the length, girth & erectile rigidity of the male penis at very low cost & without anyside effect. Using of O Long Cream help in increasing of blood flow, production of  the testosterone & other vital male hormone, provides effective nutrients necessary for the penis growth & health, increasing & capacity of blood storage in penis which all together help in gaining size.

The massing your penis with O Long penis enlargement cream works like exercise while penis is erect. Continue usage of O Long Penis Enlargement Cream on penis makes your penis bigger harder firmer & more healthy & lengthy in size. Labolia O-long Penis Enlargement Cream

Ingredients of O Long Cream

O long penis enlargement cream is made by using following herbs or herbal extract to give you maximum possible result in less time

Serenoa Serrulate Fruit Extract

Serenoa serrulata is used in medicine & to make herbal formulations. Usually it is used in throat problems and also for diseases related to reproductive organs. Serenoa serrulata grows in North America. It is mainly found in the sandy hinterlands and pinelands of South-Eastern states of the United States.


L-arginine is a nonessential amino acid which is important in healthy sexual life. L Arginine may play very important part in medicines of cardiovascular disease due to its antiatherogenic, anti-ischemic, antiplatelet, and antithrombotic nature. L Arginine is marketed as a growth stimulant and is key ingredients in many erectile dysfunction & sexual health products for men.

Ashwagandha Extract

Ashwagandha, Indina ginsing is considered to be god’s gift to humanity. For centuries in INDIA Ayurvedic Guru are using it to treat people for their day to day woes such as stress, anxiety, exhaustion, lack of sleep disorder & sex problems. It’s antioxidants, iron and amino acids, it’s no surprise that Ashwagandha is one of the most powerful herbs in nature. Nearly all ayurvedic & unani formulation & sexual medicine contain Ashwagandha. Ashwagandha is classified as a rasayana in Ayurveda it promotes physical and mental health, restore the body and increase longevity.

Glycine Soja bean oil

According to The Skin Care Dictionary, glycine soja ( soyabin oil in general ) contains good & sufficient amounts of all the essential amino acids and along with protein. Soyabeen oil is derived from soybean amino acids and is rich in protein, minerals and vitamins, especially vitamin E for skin. Soyabeen oil in o long cream makes your penis skin glow & soft.

Lepidium Meyenii ( Maca ) Root Extract

Maca a super food is the common name for Lepidium meyenii, a plant in the broccoli family. ‘Maca root’ refers to the root of the maca plant, which resembles a turnip. Maca is divided into categories based on the color of the root, which can be red, black, pink or yellow. Maca is widely used in health products that aims to supply energy & stamina for sport person. Maca in o long cream gives strength to penis to last longer.

Stearic Acid

Stearic acid is one of many fatty acids that found naturally in many plants and animal derivatives. It’s found in such products as animal tallow, cocoa butter and vegetable fats.

Erythroxylum Catuaba Extract

Catuaba is used to heighten sexual arousal and treat male sexual performance problems. It is also used for agitation, trouble sleeping related to high blood pressure, nervousness, ongoing mental and physical fatigue (neurasthenia), poor memory or forgetfulness, skin cancer; and as a tonic.

Rosmarinus officinalis leaf extract.

Rosemary has a woody, evergreen like scent and is part of the mint family. In recent research, it’s been shown to boost nerve growth factor and support the healing of neurological tissue and brain function. Labolia O-long Penis Enlargement Cream

Benefits of O Long Cream

  • O-Long cream makes penis long strong & more powerful
  • Increases libido & desire for sex
  • Helps in sexual stamina & control power
  • More energy without tiredness
  • Helps in getting orgasm & satisfaction
  • O long cream send more blood in penis
  • O long cream gives you long lasting erection & firmer erection quality

Results of o long penis enlargement cream varies for every user based on the physical condition and healing power.

Side Effect of Labolia O Long Cream

There is no known side effect of O-Long penis enlargement cream. Still you should not use in bigger quantity & more than 3 times a day.
There may be some swelling & itching for person having sensitive skin after using o long penis enlargement cream, In that situation do not worry just wash it with warm water & it will back to normal in few hrs.

Labolia O Long Cream Price

 O Long Cream in  One pack Two Packs
 In INDIA Rs. 295 Rs. 570
 In UK 3.27 British Pound 6.3 British Pound
 In Saudi Arbia 16.64 Saudi Riyal 33 Saudi Riyal
 In USA 4.56 UD$ 8.81 US$

Labolia O Long Cream Usage

Steps & direction to use O Long penis enlargement cream is as follows

  1. Wash & dry your penis
  2. Take some cream & apply on penis
  3. Massage for 2 to 5 minutes with fingers
  4. If needed take some more cream
  5. Wash in morning

O Long Cream Alternatives

O Long AlternativesDetailPricePhoto
ProSolution GelProsolution gel is specially manufactured to boost your nitric oxide levels in body, ProSolution Gel™ supplies all potent herbal concentrates direct to your penile tissues for instant results you can get in few days.Rs.3160ProSolution Gel
Himcolin Gel Himcolin gel by Himalya is a powerful penis cream to use externally on penis for promoting blood flow to the penis. Himcolin cream helps in vasodilation of the penile tissue to allow for stronger erections. It also helps in premature ejaculation and prolongs ejaculation time. Himcolin gel also helps to soothe and moisturize.Rs.135Himcolin Gel
Maxman CreamMaxman Herbal Penis Delay Cream helps in increasing sexual stamina power & quality of erection, endurance, penis size, penile health and last longer. Maxman is affordable penis enlargement cream to Increases penis girth, and length & to gt rid of premature ejaculation.Rs.1827Maxman Cream

How to order Labolia O Long Cream

You can place your online order on the below sites, remember that we are not affiliate or marketing agency for olong penis enlargement cream. Below are the search link on which you can order from your desired seller. Please look at the seller profile & feedback before placing your order. We recommend to order on cash on delivery to avoid any fraud & cheating.





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