Introduction of Testosterone

Testosterone is a Harmon ( an androgen ) isolated from the testes of a number of animals including man & is considered to be the chief testicular Harmon produced in a male body. It is a powerful steroid product produced by the inter testicle cells of leydip of testicles.

Testosterone is also normally produced by the adrenal corfex of the human male & females. It is also performed systematically by by the conversion of stents specially tholestrop.

Introduction of Testes

Testes are the male reproductive glands located inside a scrotum which produce the male reproductive cells & hormone called Testosterone. Testes are the reproductive glands hanging from the body by the spermatic cord, a structure etuding from the inguinal ring to the tetes. It contains the duct defenses testicular vessels spermatic artery veins lyper vessel & nerves.

Chief Action of a Testosterone

  • Testosterone accelerate growth in tissues upon which it acts.
  • Testosterone  stimulate blood flow & circulation
  • Testosterone promotes & stimulates growth of secondary sexual characteristic
  • Necessary for normal sexual behavior
  • Causes normal & essential blood flow towards penis for occurrence of erection.
  • Necessary & normal essential growth & development of a male sexual organs.
  • Testosterone is responsible for the deepening of a voice at the time of puberty.
  • Testosterone helps in greater muscular health of a body.
  • Causes remowal & distribution of a fat in adult men.
  • Testosterone is directly & strongly responcible for development of pubic hair & beard in mens
  • Affects on many metabolic activities

HYPERFUNCTION & Hypergonadism of Testosterone Level Causes

  1. early maturity such as deutition
  2. Large sexual organ with early functional activity
  3. Increased growth of hair

Under activity or Hypogonadism of Testosterone Level

  1. Undeveloped testes
  2. Absence of body hair
  3. High pitched voice
  4. Sterility
  5. Smooth skin
  6. loss of sexual desire
  7. Lower metabolism
  8. Eunuch Oil& eunuchs body type
    castrated male one who has had his testicles removed before puberty so that secondary sexual characteristics are not found

Absence of male harmone Testosterone produces some symtams such as female type of voice, loss of hair or face & lake of muscular development etc.

Deficiency or lake of Testosterone harmone is a main & undisputed cause of erectile dysfunction.



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