Long Time Sex Tips

Tips to Please Your Husband – Enjoy Your Sex Life

Long Time Sex Tips. Let’s make a few things clear before we get started.

Long Time Sex Tips. Most men do not need foreplay, but do not care that for a short period of time.
Most women love foreplay, need, and prefer to enjoy it for a period of Long time sex.
Foreplay is probably the most creative part of sex. Why not enjoy it and become an expert?

In the near future I’ll post some funny messages impressive review of sex books and accommodation guest posts from some fabulous sex experts to help us accelerate our orgasmic experience! Today, however, I thought it would be fun to explore how to please our husbands. I realize the process probably seems obvious: lying on his back and let him go to work. Sure, that’s the easy way to give him what he wants. As wives, we have the desire to please God as much as we expect we want please! Foreplay Here are five quick tips to please your husband … Enjoy!

Long Time Sex Tips
Long Time Sex Tips

Foreplay Kaise Start Kare: How To Start Foreplay Before Sex

Long Time Sex Tips. Foreplay is a very important part of sex. Foreplay raises the sensation of sex and takes interest in sex. It is also very beneficial for long time sex. I am going to tell you about the sex time tips in below.

1. DISCOVER HIS EROGENOUS ZONES: Long Time Sex Tips.  Foreplay is useless if you do not know the areas of your body that are sensitive to stimulation. Believe it or not, penis and scrotum are not the only hot spots in his uncle. There are several areas throughout the body (head to toe) which when stimulated, can produce soft, mild or intense excitement. I love an exercise that Dr. Laura Berman, LCSW, PhD, shared on Oprah a few years ago. Visual exercise her one couple where she provided each with a “Foreplay Map”, which consisted of the contour of the front and back of the human body offered. She asked each numbered body parts in the order they would like to be touched and/or kissed during foreplay. Is not it great? Try it with her hubby tonight and be amazed at all the places you want to be touched.

Quick long Sex Tip: Print off the Foreplay Map and slip it in his briefcase tomorrow morning with a love note leaving him instructions. How sexy would that be to open up mid-meeting? Ha!
2. LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION! You do not have to have all the fun in the bedroom, you know. You can start with a massage in the neck and shoulder while he’s playing Xbox. Sit behind him and gently massage while he is in his element. After a while kissing her neck slowly and let your hands roam. You get the point. The boys find it very sexy when you start outside the bedroom. It is spicy and can be very erotic depending on where the party starts. Be creative!

Quick long stamina Tip: Men LOVE it when women initiate. Whether you’re poolside soaking up the sun, getting in a quick jog together in your neighborhood or in your car stopped at a light — do something! Give him a passionate kiss or rub up against him in a subtle yet intentional way. Again, you don’t have to be under the sheets to turn him on!
3. LOOK GOOD DOING IT. Many people would argue this advice should be number one. LAST MINUTE !!! MEN ARE VISUAL! The good news is that you do not have to be a Victoria’s Secret model to set him off. Remember, he married you for you. Take a moment to emphasize the parts of your body that both you love most. If your hair, spend that extra 10 minutes before sex up. If this is your breasts, throw in a sexy bra and ready to WOW it.

Quick Tip: If you aren’t 100% comfortable with your body, it’s totally OK to turn the lights off and light some candles. No one says you have to put yourself all out there if you’re not comfortable! Baby steps are OK. 🙂

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4. TOUCHING. The actual foreplay begins in the opposite direction of your penis. Follow the “map” that I mentioned in # 1, and once you are ready to head south, be sure to choose the pace. Men like to be touched deliberately. While a soft knock sends chills down our spine, most men prefer to be more aggressive with their man parts during foreplay. To be frank, they want to be squeezed and squeezed hard in all the right places. Feel weird about it? Just ask!

Quick Touching Tip: Ask him to give you verbal feedback while you’re making out. Let him lead you where he wants your mouth and hands. It can be really erotic for both of you! Long Time Sex Tips.

If you’re out of lubricant use your own saliva. Couples have been using this for centuries!

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