What is SX Veda?

SX Veda is a herbal penis enlargement capsules manufactured by Athrav Pharma for the sexual weakness & size enlargement.SX-Veda is the product that was only available for the kings & Nawabs of the India few decades ago, Athrav Pharma made the same formulation for the common man now. SX Veda is made of very precious metallic ingredients like Swaran Bhasm, Silver Bhasm and Copper Bhasm along with pure extracted indian herbs.sx veda capsule

SX Veda Ingredients

Swaran Bhasm / Gold Calx

Swarna Bhasma or Sone ka Bhasam is very precious & one of the most effective metallic medicine in ayurveda which gives power to each & every vital organs inside human body. Sawarna bhasma is very benefecial in all diseases of the Vata , Vitas , Pitta , and Kapha , especially pitta-related disease. It increases the production of the new blood gives strength to metals, enhances the mouth, and protects the person with many common diseases.

In Ayurveda & Unani sawarna bhasma is used for heart disease, asthma, mental illness, muscles and ligaments disorders, cough with fever, lung infection Common weakness, muscle weakness, weakness in men, impotency, infertility etc.

Chandi Bhasm / Silver Calx

Rajat Bhasm Silver Calx or chandi ka bhasam regularise the irregularity of heat and strengthens the inflammatory disorder. Silver or chandi has been used in India for medicine apart from jewelery.

In Ayurveda silver is used as a medicine since ancient age due to it’s medicinal properties & strong effect on human body. Rajat Bhasma or chandi ka kushta is a famous medicine in Ayurveda & Unani. Chandi ka kushta is used to treat many health problems including kidneys, nerves, nerves and brain. Its use results in twenty types of gonorrhea, vata disease, pitta outbreak, eye disease, spleen growth, hepatic growth, metallic weakness, and urinary diseases.

Tanba Bhasm / Copper Calx

Tamra Bhasma or kushta e tanmba is an Ayurvedic medicine, which is made of Copper. It is used in Ayurvedic treatment of skin diseases, obesity, piles, asthma etc. This medicine should only be taken strictly under medical supervision.

Tanba Bhasma is used in the treatment of Pitta and Kapha predominance diseases, skin diseases, helminthiasis, obesity, anorexia, tuberculosis, pthisis, chronic respiratory conditions, cough, cold, asthma, eye diseases, anemia, piles, dyspepsia.

SX Veda Benefits

The manufacturer of the SX Veda claims that you can get in 2-month treatment, your penis length can grow 0.78 inches or more, 4 month treatment can increase your penis by 1.19 inches or more While 6 months of treatment can increase your penis by 2 inches or more.

SX Veda Side Effect

As the manufacturer claims there is no known side effect of SX Veda sex capsules. However you should take it only if needed after a doctor consultation according to the priscribed dosage on time.

How SX VEDA Works

Ayurvedic recipe of SX VEDA works in many ways.

Nerves present in the later part of the penis are responsible for the stimulation of the penis and this nerve also helps to increase the penis in a natural way.
SX VEDA’s medicine boosts these nerves. Because of this, the penis becomes thicker and thicker.
This medicine also ensures that the internal part of the penis is safe with the powerful nerves.
Because of this, the ability to prolong the penis is greatly increased compared to the first. And in this way the penis grows up to its maximum length.

Other Products By Athrav Pharma

Dee Veda

Dee Veda

Cap.Dee-Veda is a researched product of the company which is prepared out of purest herbs by extraction method to achieve the desired result. The formulation was being used for last 80 years in our traditional ayurveda family.

As per International Diabetes Federation India has more diabetic patients than any other country in the world. It growing such a fast speed that 62 million Indians are suffering from Diabetes( up to 2014)- numbers may increase as there so many undiagnosed people . This figure is alarming as more than 10 million people became diabetic from year 2011. Researchers are fearing that 100 million Indian will suffer from diabetes by the year 2030.





An intensive hair treatment to prevent hair loss, dandruff and premature graying. The secret to Indians’ lush, glossy hair – this traditional Ayurvedic recipe consists of potent herbs extracted into pure Sesame oil and other ingredients. A natural conditioner for lush hair growth that nourishes deeply while cooling the scalp. The earthy scent of the oil has a calming, meditative effect that soothes frayed nerves, uplifts mood and aids in a good night’s rest.Rs.2950


Herbal Teas

Herbal Teas

Less commonly called herb teas and fruit teas are beverages made from the infusion or decoction of herbs, spices, fruits, or other plant material in hot water.
The benefits of Herbal TeaSoothes A Common Cold
Helps reduce stress levels
Improves Digestion
Blood Sugar Regulator
Better Kidney Health
Lowered Blood Pressure


Fairness Special Cream

Fairness Special Cream


A unique blend of natural ingredients that work to give your skin an Ayurvedic Naturel Glow Treatment.

Why use an ayurvedic cream for fairness? In India, they say for a light, white and bright complexion face, apply haldi-kesar (Turmeric-Saffron) with milk on it. Not only haldi kesar, on searching you will find many such blends of ayurvedic ingredients to use for everyday natural looking fairness.
FAIRNESS special cream is the based on Ayurvedic formulation suitable for both men and women.

Ayurvedic Cream is the formulation of unique and highly effective herbs. and benefits in removing dark spots, acne, scars, pimples, dark circles, aging and wrinkles.





It maintains a Healthy Immune System. It is an important herb in Ayurvedic and Middle Eastern treatments.

IMMUVEDA boost immunity and is rich in anti-oxidants. It targets the problems of all age groups and enables one to regain and retain health.




The medical term for fever is ‘pyrexia’. If you find that your body temperature has risen above 98.6 F then it is considered as a fever. Let’s look at why your body temperature shoots up.


Ayurveda has always propagated a wide range of treatments for numerous afflictions with far reaching consequences. Of course, weight loss has been no exception. Today, thanks to Ayurvedic medicines, we find that excess weight can easily be lost without a fuss, that too without any side effects.

SX Veda Price

SX Veda capsules cost you Rs. 4500 after discount of Rs.1000 discount while the original price is Rs. 5500

How to Order

You can order SX Veda Capsules from the http://athravpharma.com or from  sxveda.com

Manufacturer Details

Athrav Pharmaceutical a unit of Pran Sanjeevan Aushadhalaya which was established by Ayurveda Acharya Pt. Murari Lal Ji of Haveli Khargpur , Munger Bihar in 1910.

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