Erectile Dysfunction in the Elderly

Erectile dysfunction ( ED or unable to get erection to penetrate a women ) is one of the most common problem happening to men as the age increases. It is also the most common complained sexual dysfunction in the older male & seniors. Erectile Dysfunction is defined as the inability of a man to attain and maintain hard erection to enter his penis inside women’s vagina for sexual pleasure. Causes of erectile dysfunction or ED are variable and can include arterial, neurogenic, hormonal, cavernosal, iatrogenic, and psychogenic causes becoming severe with age.

Premature Ejaculation after 50

Sexual function is noticeably reduced after 50+ age. Night time and morning erections happens rarely. The frequency of intercourse declines while the frequency of prematurely losing the erection before the sexual act increases. Getting full satisfaction or climax becomes thing of past, It becomes very hard to keep control on ejaculation & some time sudden after entering inside vagina man ejaculates without desire.The quantity & quality of semen decreases by time & it seems that semen is like water.

Does sexual power change with age?

Yes off course, as everything else in the world time affect on human body too & it lowers the erectile power, ability to control ejaculation, hardness of the penis & quality of semen. In the young age it is very easy for a person to get & maintain erection for the intercourse while it becomes very hard for the seniors after the age of 50 for indulge in happy & satisfying sexual relation.

What types of sexual problems do men and women experience after 50?

After the age of of 50 people usually feel & suffer from the following sexual & general health issues

  • Ability to maintain a good quality hard erection goes away as one ages.
  • After 50+ age or above both male & females loss the interest in having sex & intercourse no longer has fun & pleasure as it was in early ages.
  • Emotional and psychological factors also plays important role in interest in sex at midlife and beyond specially in elderly.
  • A woman loses her ability to have orgasms as she ages because vaginal walls becomes wide & losses elasticity & grip to hold penis.
  • A man’s inability to get an erection is most likely the result of an emotional problem & some time due to behaviors of kids & other social issues.
  • Couples at midlife and beyond who don’t have regular sex have lost interest in sex or in each other.
  • Effect of age on male sex after 50
    Along with sex benefits, older men may find aspects of sexuality more challenging than they used to. it will take more time to get a good erection, even after so much time this erection will not be hard & large as it was in young age. After 50 of age one need to play more time with woman to get erection. When erection will occer & after entering inside vagina it will be hard to control ejaculation & ejaculation will contain very less amount of semdn which may look like water.. After ejaculation, loss of erection may happen more rapidly, or it may take week to get another erection.Erectile dysfunction (ED), or the loss of ability to get or maintain an erection, occurs in up to 72% of men over age 65. Men who have heart disease, high blood pressure, or diabetes may find that these conditions contribute to impotence, either because of the health problems themselves or the medications used to treat them.
  • Changes in woman’s sex after 50 plus
    An older woman will see noticible changes in sexual desire & sexual organ including mood, breast & vagina.Her appearance may change with the arrival of wrinkles or gray hair, making her feel less attractive as she ages. In addition, physical changes can occur. As women age, hormones decrease, causing the vaginal wall to become thinner, drier, and more irritated. This situation will make intercourse unpleasantly painful. Friction from intercourse may cause micro-tears in the vaginal wall, which can cause pain and in old age

Pills To Get Her In The Mood / Medicine For Female Excitement

  1. Femone
    Femone capsulesFemone is a unique herbal blend that enhances sexual, mental and physical satisfaction by increasing blood flow to the female genitals. Sexual satisfaction is achieved, making physical and mental satisfaction more attainable and also stimulating vaginal lubrication, relaxing vaginal muscles and increasing sexual pleasure. Femone has been effective for women who report difficulty in achieving orgasm. It allows women to experience more pleasure during sexual activity after increasing sensitivity to areas of the female genital that are important in sex. Femone also increases intensity of orgasm and is also very useful in general lethargy and general debility.
  2. Qurs Kushta Tila
    Qurs Kushta TilaIt strengthens the chief organs of the body. Useful in general debility, anorexia and increases the formation of pure and healthy blood. Increases the rigidity of the male sex organ and removes sexual debility. Strengthens the nerves.
    The calx of a metal was more often than not a metal oxide, but in the case of gold I believe it’s an assortment of very small gold particles of varying sizes. Out of all the metals, gold has the lowest tendency to react with air to form oxides. This is why it’s a noble metal – oxidation/corrosion resistant for the most part.
  3. Confido Tablets
    himalya confido tabletsManages male sexual dysfunction. Inadequate circulation of testosterone levels results in male sexual dysfunction. Through its androgenic property, Confido increases sperm count and testosterone levels, thereby combating erectile dysfunctions. It regulates ejaculation via the neuro endocrine route. Improves sexual drives.
    Himalya Confido help in producing sperm and testosterone, to overcomme erectile dysfunction.It also help in getting rid of premature ejaculation. Himalya Confido treats impotence, seminal debilities, improves sexual drive and helps in sycological brain disorders like anxiety & stress which make sexual life like a hell.Small Caltrops (Gokshura) is a good source of Luteal which is known to increase testosterone level.
  4. Divya Yauvanamrit Vatiyauvanamrit Vati for sexual weaknessHuman body suffers from weakness of numbers of types and sexual weakness is also one of these. It is true for both the sexes. This condition may be caused due to any reasons. There are numbers of medicines or other products available in the market to get rid of sexual weakness. Although these may boost sexual energy and capacity however there are some side-effects associated with the use of these products or medicines. But herbal remedies or formulas such as Divya Yauvanamrit Vati help in accomplishment of this task in an apt and safe manner. It is a wonderful herbal remedy presented by the pharmacy of Swami Ramdev Ji that helps in improving sexual energy and capacity to great extent and that without experiencing any health issues. It has been especially formulated keeping in view the needs of human body as far as sexual activity is concerned.
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