What is Penis Enlargement Extender?

Penis Extender are device or a tool that extend the size of a penis by pulling it forcefully outwards. One should use it few hrs. a day so that it will enlarge permanently by pulling the veins & arteries inside penis outwards.It also help in getting penis thickness & some companies claims that it will improve your overall sexual performance.

If you are unhappy with the size of your penis, you are certainly not alone. Because of this, there is now a huge market for solutions.

But unfortunately, as usual, there are many unscrupulous companies waiting to take advantage of you with cheap, inferior products.

BEWARE of low quality, untested and unproven devices.

You could get little or no results and worse still, they can actually cause irritation and disfigurement.

This is usually due to the ‘tension’ part of the device NOT being tested properly.

How does Extender work?

Penis enlargement extenders work on cell division system.In which one cell decides in two as a result of external force. Due to the external force which pulls the skin & tissues of the penis outwards the cells & micro tissues inside penis tears which creates spaces between two cells which is now filled by a new cell. It comes in two adjustable parts & one should wear extender according to instruction provided.

Benefits of Penis Extender

  • Extend the size of your penis by inches
  • Approved by doctors in USA
  • Comes with money back guarentee
  • External wearing
  • No serious side effect
  • Multi Directional Angling with some extender
  • Medical grade silicon & plastic materials
  • Many positive feedback’s are there for extenders

Side Effect of Penis Extender

  • Do not fit same for all
  • Can damage your penis if wear during sleep
  • Seems odd while using
  • Can not be used in office
  • While using it shows that something is there ( People see you , as you are ALIEN 😉 😉 )
  • It can loosen & fall anytime. Even in front of you girl friend

Types Brands of Penis Enlargement Extenders

There are many number of enlargement extender available in the market but we are going to discuss the only top few as below

SizeGenetics Penis Extender

SizeGenetics extender

On the manufacturer website it is claimed that “The Most Comfortable Device In The World.Ultimate Comfort™ 58 Way System As Standard!” The comfort is really a big issue while using penis extenders to enlarge your penis size because some time it slips & some time it hurts.

Sizegenetics comes with 58 angle comfort system with 2 way & 4 way usage, It can make up to 2800 grams of total tension to your penis shaft. for a faster & better traction. Because more the tension is more the result will be. Sizegenetics is 20+ years old in the market.

Does SizeGenetics Work?

If you use the extender for at least four months, it will increase your size. Period.

Now, before I go into the details that are scientifically proven to increase the size of your penis, I want to first talk about the guarantee offered by the manufacturer.

When you try this product, you are trying it risk-free.

Yes, you must make the initial payment for trying the product, but there is a 100% double money back guarantee. What does this entail?

– Use the product as directed for at least four months.
– If you do not like the product, you can return it for double your money back.

The best part is that you have six months to return this product. Many of the other products on the market do not offer a guarantee of this magnitude, and many of them have usage requirements to meet the guarantee that are simply impossible to meet.

With SizeGenetics, it’s a 100% ironclad guarantee.

SizeGenetics Review from a website.

After having used the size genetics extender for the last 11 months, I would strongly advise staying away from this product. It simply does not work. I am living proof of this. I’ve done all the jelqing routines (RELIGIOUSLY), the pre-workouts, worn the extender for 7-10 hours a day etc and I can honestly say that your gains are temporary. I don’t want to call it a placebo effect but at the start I did get the impression that I was gaining but once the measuring tape came out, the raw numbers showed that I wasn’t making progress. SizeGenetics even lied to me about their “money back guaranteed” policy.

SizeGenetics Price / SizeGenetics Price in India

SizeGenetics™ Value EditionSizeGenetics™ Comfort PackageSizeGenetics™ Ultimate System
 $199.95 $249.95 $299.95
 Rs. 13000 Rs.16317 Rs.19582
 For the ultimate in gains, comfort and value, the SizeGenetics™ Ultimate System gives you everything you need for big, fast gains. Maximum tension levels will give you maximum results in the fastest possible time, and 3 sets of elongation bars (½”, 1” and 2”) let you extend to the max! Featuring our 58 Way Ultimate Comfort System, 2 Multi-Functional Heads, Revita Cream Aftercare Moisturiser and Traction Plus Powder, it’s the most comfortable penis extension experience you’ll ever have. Includes an instructional DVD, luxury leather case, separate travel case AND a free PenisHealth Enhancement Exercise DVD and online access to maximise your gains even further and improve your sexual prowess. No other package beats this. For fast gains with maximum comfort, the SizeGenetics™ Comfort Package includes the SizeGenetics medical type 1 device complete with a sophisticated luxury leather case with lock and key to keep it safely away from prying eyes! The 58 Way Ultimate Comfort System ensures you can wear your device in the most comfortable way for you. When you have that perfect comfort you need, you’ll have no problems wearing your device for longer – which means faster, bigger gains. Includes 3 sets of elongation bars (½”, 1” and 2”) and an instructional DVD with full, comprehensive instructions on how to assemble, fit and use your SizeGenetics™ device. For the most basic introduction to penis enlargement, the SizeGenetics™ Value Edition contains the SizeGenetics™ medical type 1 device. Don’t be fooled by the “starter” label – you’re still getting the “Rolls Royce” of Penis Extension Devices” – one of the most technologically advanced extenders available, made from medical grade materials and endorsed by doctors. You’ll also get 2 sets of elongation bars (1” and 2”) to extend your device as you grow, 1 comfort strap and 1 comfort pad to make your natural penis extension experience a comfortable one, and a comprehensive instructional DVD showing you how to assemble, fit and use your SizeGenetics™ device.

Pro ExtenderPro-Extender

ProExtender system is manufactured by a well-known company. It has won a good reputation among its constant clients. The device is meant for men who either want to increase their member or suffer from any of the following conditions – a micro-penis, a bent penis or crooked penis. If you are a man, you have had probably wished at least once in your life where to have a bigger dick. The easiest way to enlarge a penis is to have a surgery but this can be a very risky procedure. ProExtender System can add a few inches to your penis without any side effects!

ProExtender system was invented by Dr. Jorn Ege Siana and is classified as a type-1 medical tool and is certified. Jorn Ege Siana is a famous and reputable doctor who has dedicated a lot of years to the penis-extension industry. Using a method of traction the extender will stimulate existing cells to divide. This can be easily achieved by constant stretching of penal tissues. It can be compared to the process of muscle gain through the workouts in the gym. Your muscle fiber starts to break down and grow. But as it is done to your penis, it is gradually lengthening.

ProExtender system is not a completely new device. A similar tool was already introduced in 1998. Its research in Barcelona, Spain, proved that the participants increased their penis size by 30%. It means that if you have a 5″ penis, you can get 1.5″ more. However, this cannot be reached overnight. You will need to use this extender at least 24 weeks, or 6 months, but the results are really impressive.

Benefits of Proextender

The ProExtender System offers a lot of benefits. You are guaranteed to increase your penis length by over 28% and your girth – by 19%. The tool helps to straighten a crooked or bent penis and gives harder and longer erections. In this way, you will become a more confident man. A lot of men have reported about larger ejaculations and stronger orgasms after using the tool.

Pro Extender Advantages

You can achieve permanent results.
No long-term use needed for lasting results.
Virtually no side effects.
It comes with a 6-month guarantee.

Pro Extender Disadvantages

You need to wear the device for several hours a day.
Results will take months to be achieved.

Pro Extender Price / Pro Extender Price in India

Delux Pro ExtenderOriginal Pro Extender
Metal CaseCardboard Case

Jes Extender


1994 was the birth of the Jes-Extender and a revolution in penis enlargement. Clinically tested with excellent results, the Jes-Extender is a pain free treatment to enlarge your penis comfortably and easily. It has over 100,000 satisfied users and is a number one choice for men worldwide looking for safe way to enlarge their penis.

The Jes-Extender penis enlargement tool can enlarge the length of your penis without surgery by using the method of traction. Traction has been used for centuries and has the potential to grow your penis by up to 24% from its original size.

We ship all over the world (fast and discreet packaging), this guaranteed and classified Number 1 medical tool has European Certificate CE, only given to products that meet the strict standards of the European Union.

jes extender

Benefits of Jes Extender

The use of penis enlargement Jes-Extender can be an invisible addition to any lifestyle. Just fit your penis into the device and carry it on for a definite number of hours. It will be perfectly hidden under your loose trousers. You will not need to take enhancement pills anymore because this device uses a scientifically proven technology that is able to give the desired results.

Jes Extender Price / Jes Extender Price in India

Jes Light StandardJesOriginal Standard ComfortJesTitaniumJesSilver StandardJesGold StandardJesPlatinum

Phallosan Forte Penis Device

The Phallosan Forte is a new penis enlargement device that is also claimed to improve male sexual health. According to the manufacturer, this penis extender is comfortable to wear due to its intelligent design. It promises to increase penis girth, to improve the form of a curved penis and help in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. As additional benefits the Phallosan can increase the quality of erections and orgasms, as well as improves the blood flow in the pelvis.

Phallosan Forte has its own website which is professionally made and seems to be quite informative at first sight, but when I started to look for side effects of the tool I failed. And this is the main factor that usually interests customers. The manufacturer only claims that it is comfortable to use, however, in reality it can cause some pain. Just imagine your penis being extended for 12 hours. I doubt that it is really pleasant and comfortable.

Phallosan Forte

How does the Phallosan Forte work?

200% more effective than other penis extenders on the market.

Our patented technology is the Phallosan Forte, which has helped more than 10,000 men get the results they want. How does it work?

Phallosan uses the remarkable power of vacuum stretching
Wear comfortably throughout the day
Is designed to be discreet and invisible
Can be put on and removed in a matter of seconds
Easy-to-use and 200% more effective than other extenders
Increases the length of your penis by stretching the tunica and inner tissues
Increases the girth of your penis by stretching your penis smooth muscle each session
Increases erection quality and hardness by exercising your penis vascular system
Used as a standalone product or in conjunction with a penis exercise routine
Applies gentle tension that triggers cell formation to increase penis size and health
Can be safely worn for up to 12 hours
Places the penis in a safely enclosed, protective condom while stretching

Phallosan Forte Price / Phallosan Forte Price in India

PHALLOSAN® package contents
• Elastic belt
• Suction bell in size L with L-sleeve condom
• Suction bell in size M with M-sleeve condom and assembled tension clip
• Suction bell in size S with S-sleeve condom
• 4 sleeve-condoms (1x S, 2x M, 1x L)
• 2x protector cap
• Tension clip
• Suction ball with 3-way valve
• Instructions for use
• Measuring template
339.00 USD

Other Penis Extenders are Male Edge Extender X4 Labs Andro Penis Extender & Euro Extender.

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