Nusqa E Arabia In India

Nusqa E Arabia In India

Nuskha E Arabia In India. This is very beneficial This Syrup Is Very Useful to Prevent Heart Problems, To Maintain Normal Weight and to correct the Digestive System of the Body. It Melts Unwanted Fat & Cholesterol In A Natural Way To Convert Them Into Energy. Nuskha E Arabia In India. For more information about this and for the benefit of this, please read full article.

Nusqa E Arabia In India
Nusqa E Arabia In India

Product Description:

This is very beneficial. It prevents heart disease and increases your health. We are involved in offering a high quality cholesterol reducing Dietary Syrup for heart (Nuskha E Arabia In India). Nuskha E Arabia Home Remedy Used World Wide for Obesity and Cholesterol Control, There by for Prevention and Cure of Heart Ailments Related to Cholesterol .Which Has Juices Of Garlic, Ginger, Lemon & Apple Cider Vinegar In Natural Honey. It is actually an ancient home remedy (which has juices of garlic, ginger, lemon & apple cider vinegar in natural honey). This syrup is very useful to prevent heart problems, to maintain normal weight and to correct the digestive system of the body. It melts unwanted fat & cholesterol in a natural way to convert them into energy And increase your health. There are many more benefits from this.

Bharat’s original Nuskha E Arabia In India

This Syrup Is Very Useful To Prevent Heart Problems, To Maintain Normal Weight And To Correct The Digestive System Of The Body. Nuskha-E-Arabia (500ml) : This is a home remedy used worldwide for obesity and cholesterol control, thereby for prevention and cure of heart ailments related to cholesterol. By Proper Using This Remedy Many People Have Saved Lacks Of Their Hospital Bills.

Why ‘NUSKHA-E-ARABIA’ must be in every house?

The rate of deaths in all over the world is 17.3 million annually because of the heart diseases. According to a report released by W H O, an average of 15 lakh people are dying annually with blood pressure and heart related diseases in south Asia and this is fast spreading in India. The root cause of this is the change in life style and food habits. Nuskha E Arabia It Melts Unwanted Fat & Cholesterol In A Natural Way To Convert Them Into Energy. Regular usage of this remedy keeps you away from many diseases.

Nuskha E Arabia Benefits

Nuskha E Arabia Benefits Reduces cholesterol & melts unwanted fat , excellent blood thinner , controls blood pressure ,improves digestive system , reduces fatigue , boost immune system . It proves helpful in many diseases. The changes in life style and the life with no exercises and spiced food full of fat and cholesterol have not only out them in trouble of heart related diseases but also multiplied their plights in the form of obesity. The other danger diseases which could be diagnosed because of the obesity are heart disease, cancer diabetes and high blood pressure to name a few. The root cause of this is enhanced quantity of fat and cholesterol in blood. It is because of obesity that women suffer from ovarian cancer and later breast cancer and men are prone to prostate cancer.

To get rid of these diseases, people are spending lakhs of rupees in Allopathic way of treatment whereas the natural and easy treatment of these diseases is available in Unani medication and that too, very economically. That is why HERBO CARE ENTERPRISES with a long standing success in the use of Unani herbal medication, have now prepared an ancient prescription ‘NUSKHA-E-ARABIA QADEEM’ and thousands of patients have benefited by its use. Nuskha E Arabia is a foolproof prescription for all heart related diseases. The natural ingredients (Juices of Garlic, Ginger, lemon, Apple Vinegar & Natural Honey) help effectively in dissolving the excess fat in our body. By punctually using it, the excess and useless fluids of the body are destroyed and the functioning of the stomach can be corrected. Nuskha E Arabia helps decline in weight and decreases the thickness of the blood and likeliness of blood clotting.


Method For Preparation (for those who want to make themselves): This remedy is working very well and we want everybody to use it either by preparing themselves or allowing us to serve. by proper using this remedy many people have saved lacks of their hospital bills. Take equal quantity of fresh juices of garlic, ginger, lemon and apple cider vinegar heat it to dry 1/4 juice, add equal quantity of natural honey when cooled.

How To Use Nuskha E Arbia Syrup

Take Morning And Evening 5-10 Ml In Empty Stomach Don’t Take Anything For 30 Min, Walk Or Jog For Better Result.                      NOTE : We use 100% natural honey in this nusqa .

Side Effects of Nuskha E Arabia

100% Natural Herbal Syrup It’s A Guarantee That No Side Effects ,that Can Be Tested In Any Laboratories. Click Here Hindi language

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Nusqa E Arabia

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