XTRA-Man Cream Penis Enlargement Cream

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What is XTRA-Man Cream?

XTRA-Man Cream is a that promise to works well to provide you extra inches in penis size with maximum performance & arousal to satisfy your wife in bedroom.

The product works well for men of all ages and backgrounds.

Once you work it into your routine, you’ll be able to finally enjoy from a more passionate and energetic experience that makes you feel young and active again. With this formula, you’ll receive all of the support that you need at all times.

Who Made Extra Man Cream?

Manufacturing company or firm who made extra men cream is not known.

I tried to search for a company lot but could not got the name. In each country different seller are selling this product. In india some one from Delhi is selling this medicine.

They dont have even good website url to remember usually they advertise on porn websites redirect user to some blog with many porn & fake images on this, Then order button forward to some page with a long erasjkgzrfgm,avbklwslkgmsdtrk like URL. This page has usually .pro domain extention & shows a blank page for homepage.

What it does?

It is said to work for & strength.
Extramen cream increases your sex time upto hrs.
Penis enlargement
Extramen cream cure & erection problems.
The makers promise increased sexual stamina if you use the product

XTRA-Man Cream Ingredients

Manufacturer’s Information and Claims* about XTRA-Man Cream
XTRA-Man Cream

XTRA MAN works by being massaged on your penis and ensuring that the cream if fully absorbed or has indeed penetrated deep into the skin. If aiming to engage in sex, you have to apply the formula around an hour before you decide to wash off the cream or formula. If it is washed away, it is inactivated and the effects disappear within a short while.

The ingredients that make up the XTRA MAN formula have not been identified. Neither are they listed anywhere on the XTRA MAN websites. This makes it difficult to know and identify the potential side effects that may result from using this specific formula..

How Does XTRA-Man Cream Work?

When this male enhancement cream is applied and massaged gently on the penis, it gets absorbed by the skin and you can feel the sensation caused by it.

After a short time, you can notice an increase in the sex drive and other qualities of real lovemaking. By using Xtra man cream regularly you can play more exotic and electrifying sexual sessions.

XTRA-Man Cream In India

XTRA-Man Cream is a total fraud product by a cheating company. I order it & got a very bad No result Cheap & Useless product.

You can see the complaint on the below link

Click here to see complain

XTRA-Man Cream Benefits

  • Extra men cream is manufactured with herbal ingredients which are safe and healthy. ( ok ok ok, But why you dont show them )
  • It helps to boost erection quality greatly.
  • Easy to use & good alternative to pills & capsules as just apply & go the work, Rest of the work will be done automatically.
  • Extra men cream increases blood flow towards penis.
  • It can be used by any man past the age of eighteen who is experiencing erectile dysfunction.
  • It does not impose on the user the duty of using every day as you only use it when proceeding for intercourse.
  • It offers 100 percent money back guarantee ( Ha Ha Ha You dont have any number to talk after sale )XTRA Man Cream


XTRA-Man Cream Side Effect

As this is total fraud & cheating product it may has many side effect.

It may cause erectile dysfunction & shrinkage of penis as some users are complaining on different forums & complaint board.

Where to Buy XTRA-Man Cream

If you are interested in purchasing Xtra Man Cream, then you can do so through the brand’s website. The product is currently available and once you order it, it will be shipped to your door within a week or two.

Once you receive it, you can start incorporating it into your lifestyle.

XTRA-Man Cream Price

It cost Rs. 1990 for a single pack which comes in a tube form.

Xtra Man Cream Contact Number

869 AS Fortuna Street Banilad, Mandaue City Cebu 6014, PH


Overall Rating


Ability to Orgasm









  • Simple application


  • No information on it virtually anywhere
  • No real user reviews
  • Ingredients are not disclosed
  • Fraud product
  • Cheating company

27 comments on “XTRA-Man Cream Penis Enlargement Cream

  1. Rajesh Dey

    When my wife touch to my penis then my penis is not heating quick and my penis heating slowly and i m not performing long time.So i m looking for good perform and my penis is small .i want to grow my penis 6 to 7 inch and want to make it more fat and my question is that why my penis is not heating quick when some lady touch my penis.

  2. Nirmal

    This cream is really froad ..becz i use this to long time but any no improve my penis and no any tollfree no.this side

    1. admin

      Dear Md. Ali Sir,

      We are not any way related or affiliated with xta men cream

      Please cancel the order from where you placed the order or simply do not accept it when it comes.


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