Itrifal Aftimoon Hamdard Benefits

Itrifal Aftimoon

“Aftimoon” is botanically known as ( Cuscuta reflexa Roxb. ) The plant is parasitic and develops on different plants. It look caramel yellow in shading. The stems are wiry, slim and longitudinally wrinkled. Its blooms pedicelled and measured. Each cup has a few seeds. Inside the container there is a corolla, the seeds are four, little, light dark colored, curved on one side and inward on the other and encased in a round case.

Itrifal Aftimoon Benefits

It is a very good product which is used in mental disorder if used continuously it helps in keeping the black colour of the hair permanent and works as anti-aging agent.

It is especially made for the person suffering from mental disorder like much worried, disappointment and other problems.

Cuscuta is a very good herb for managing gastro – intestinal problems. Its general action as an anti – inflammatory agent helps prevent and control any type of swelling or inflammation in the entire gasto – intestinal tract.

It is used effectively as a purgative and helps clear out bowel in case of constipation and other similar problems. In case of worm infestations, the strong purgative action of the herb helps to expel worms along with fecal matter in the process of clearing out the colon.

Basically, it is a very effective herb for managing minor belching, flatulence and indigestion to constipation, intestinal inflammation etc.

In this process it helps detoxify the Liver and reduce its toxic load helping in improving liver functions and bringing them back to normal.

Similarly, it helps to enhance spleen function.

In case of associated digestive troubles like Piles or hemorrhoids, its decoction can help suppress bleeding and regularize bowel habits thereby preventing aggravation of symptoms and `improvement in the quality of life of that person.

For external use its powder can be mixed with honey and other for local application over open wounds and any king of skin allergies or rashes.

It is used in various ways to prevent and improve scalp condition for people having dandruff.

Ingredients Of Itrifal Aftimoon

Aftimoon Cuscuta reflexa roxb. 50g
Dried Amla Indian Berries 100g
Anison Aniseed 20g
Bisfaayaj / Common Polypody Polypodium vulgare 15g
Post-e-Halela Zard Terminalia chebula 100g
Post-e-Halela Kabli Terminalia chebula 200g
Turbud Safed ( Nasoot ) Turpeth Root, Indian Jalap 50g
Cheta Lakdi Chitrak Plumbago Zeylanica 30g
Sana Patti Senna Leaves 50g
Namak Sanbhar Sambhar Lake Salt 20g
Ghee Butter 75g
Shera e Shakar Sugar 1750g or 1.75 Kg

How to prepare Itrifal Aftimoon

After removing impurities from the all above herbs in a given quantity, make it powder form in grinder then make powder Brown in color on stove in butter. Start adding water gradually in the powder.  Mix with a spoon of wood ,when everything will mix up it will be ready. Store in a glass jar.


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