Hammer Of Thor

Hammer of Thor Monument

Hammer of Thor monumentThe is a 3.3 metres (10.8 ft) tall, t-shaped, man-made rock formation, located along the Arnaud River in the Ungava Peninsula, Quebec, Canada. It was discovered in 1964 by an archaeologist who thought it was erected by Vikings. He named it “The Hammer of Thor”, in reference to the hammer-wielding Thor of Norse culture. Today some scholars believe that it is more likely to be an artifact of Inuit culture, an inuksuk or stone landmark.

The Hammer of Thor consists of three rocks stacked on top of each other—a vertical shaft, a cross piece, and a capstone. The vertical column, or shaft, measures about 8 feet (2.44 m) tall; the cross piece is about 4.5 feet (1.37 m) long; and the capstone is 14 inches (35.56 cm) in height. The entire monument stands about 3.3 metres (10.8 ft) high;and has been estimated to weigh about 4,000 pounds (1,800 kg).

It is located on the northern bank of the Arnaud River (formerly known as Payne River), about 15 miles (24.1 km) above Payne Bay, near the western coast of Ungava Bay, in the Ungava Peninsula, Quebec, Canada.

The Hammer Of Thor Book

The Hammer of ThorThe Hammer of Thor is an American young-adult fantasy novel based on Norse mythology written by Rick Riordan. It was published on October 4, 2016 as a hardcover, audiobook, and ebook, and is the second book in the Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard series.

The novel takes place six weeks after the events of the preceding story, The Sword of Summer, and chronicles Magnus Chase’s quest to retrieve the missing hammer of Thor and prevent Loki’s rise to power. Since its release, the novel has been translated into 15 languages, and re-released in a boxed set and as a paperback.

The Hammer of Thor received positive reviews from critics, who praised its inclusion of diverse characters such as the genderfluid character Alex Fierro, Muslim Samirah al-Abbas, and deaf-mute Hearthstone, but also noted its trite and repetitive plot that did not help readers progress through the series’ overall story arc. The book won the 2017 Stonewall Book Award for Children’s literature for its portrayal of Alex as was a Goodreads Choice Awards nominee for 2016. A sequel, The Ship of the Dead, was released on October 3, 2017.

Hammer Of Thor Capsule

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Hammer Of Thor Movie

Hammer of the Gods (also known as THOR: Hammer of the Gods) is a 2009 made-for-TV film, starring Zachery Ty Bryan, directed by Todor “Toshko” Chapkanov and produced by Jeffery Beach and Phillip J. Roth for the Syfy channel. It tells the story of the thunder god Thor, after he defeated the Midgard Serpent and died, then was reincarnated into a mortal man. Thor, along with his two brothers and friends travel to a mysterious island at Midgard’s edge, seeking glory and fame. Upon arriving they encounter strange creatures and they start searching the island for answers. Meanwhile, Thor keeps seeing visions of a mighty warrior and a big hammer and Freyja tells him that his visions are clues. So they start searching for the hammer.


In the opening, a narrator tells us, “…It was unmistakable. A wolf rising its stem and stern. Its sailed dripped blood red. These things served but one purpose, to strike fear and terror into the hearts of any who came across them…” A group of Vikings aboard a ship are headed for the ends of the Earth, which turns out to be a mysterious island. The narrator continues “…Each stroke, each painful breath, they believed it brought them ever closer to the ends of the Earth. But onward they pushed, for the ends of the Earth they sought. Glory, Honor. These things awaited them there. But so did something else…”

Freyja (Melissa Osborne), says it is “Lingfei” (a lost land of legend and fable). Thor (Zachery Ty Bryan) believes it to be a place to build a new kingdom for themselves. Then he corrects himself, saying that it would be the kingdom of his brother, Baldur (Mac Brandt). But Baldur suggests giving it to their elder brother, Ulfrich (Daz Crawford), joking about the island’s weather suiting his temper. Upon arrival, Thor has a feeling of deja vu. Sif (Alexis Peters) asks if he is alright. He replies that it was a strange feeling, as if he had been there before. Freyja suggests that he has memories of his past life. Thor replies that if he lived before, then he had died as well. He says he would not make that mistake twice. Thor and Aegir (Velislav Pavlov) go out scouting, but soon a werewolf grabs Aegir and carries him off. Thor makes it back after escaping two other werewolves by climbing up a tree. The Vikings rally and go looking for Aegir. Instead, they find a village. Inside are starving people who have been walled into a house for months, surviving by eating grubs from the dirt. They explain that they arrived in the same manner as the Vikings but were attacked and trapped by the werewolves. Baldur decides to leave some men to guard the village as they continue looking for Aegir. Thor has a vision of a great warrior with a mighty hammer, fighting a giant sea serpent. Freyja informs him that he saw the Hammer of the Gods. Back at the village, the guards are attacked and killed by werewolves. As the group cross a wooden bridge, Freyja sees a vision of Baldur sacrificing his life. The group hears screaming, and Baldur orders everyone back to the village. They arrive to find their men were gone. Baldur decides to return to the ship to fetch the rest of the crew.

Thor has another vision: this time, the warrior holds the hammer to the heavens, and lightning strikes the hammer, filling it with power. Seeing this, Thor feels the lightning himself. Freyja tells him his visions are clues to finding the hammer and that it is at the top of the mountain on the island. When they reach the shore, their guards are gone, and the ship has disappeared, so the Vikings are trapped. They return to the village for the night, but the villagers there are also missing. The Vikings set up fort and wait for night. The werewolves arrive and they do battle. The Vikings do well, killing several werewolves to only one Viking loss. Thor cuts off a werewolf’s head. The werewolves retreat and carry off their dead, except for the head, which Thor sticks on a pick. The werewolf head soon reverts to a human head, and the Vikings realise what their enemies are. Freyja finds an urn inside the house, she sees something in it that scares her. She goes to show Baldur, but Thor shows her the head in human form. Freyja gasps, dropping the urn into pieces. She asks in fear, “What in Odin’s name?” Then Thor says he was hoping for some insights into that. Inside a house, Thor, Baldur, Ulfrich, Freyja, and Sif discuss about the head. Ulfrich refuses to believe it’s sorcery. But Baldur says it is. Thor recognizes the head, it was one of the villagers. Meaning the werewolves walked amongst the villagers. Sif agrees with him, even though she is disgusted at the sight of the cut-off head. Baldur orders Hermoid (Vladimir Kolev) to take the head out of the room. Freyja tells Thor that it is much worse than he could imagine. Baldur realizes she meant the urn. He asks her why it was so special. She says it had an inscription on the inside. Ulfrich asks what it said. Freyja tells everyone the inscription said, “Beware the Sons of Loki.” Thor asks her, “The god?” Baldur says, “The trickster!” Freyja replies, “The same.” Sif asks her what it means. She says that Loki had two sons, “Jörmungandr the Midgard Serpent”, and “Fenris the Wolf”.

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