Vigimin gel

What is Vigimin Gel?

Natural Vigimin gel helps a woman easily get pleasure when SHE wishes it.

Gel is developed to achieve MULTIPLE ORGASMS.

Regular applications of gel increase sexual excitability of woman during sexual intercourse, intensifies sensations in erogenous zones, helps to achieve MAXIMUM PLEASURE of sex.

Vigimin gel

Is Vigimin Gel fraud / scam?

It seems that Vigimin Gel is fraud & scam product as it is not available in local shops & medical stores.

Benefits of Vigimin Gel

  • Prolongs sexual pleasure
  • Made of 100% natural & safe ingredients
  • Helps in getting Intensifies orgasm
  • Works immediately after application

Side Effect of Vigimin Gel

After searching many times on internet about the side effect of Vigimin Gel i came to know that most people are complaining about the effect of product that it is not working as said. Some people also claim side effect on penis & itching in vagina.

How to use Vigimin Gel?

Vigimin Gel

  1. Apply onto your partner’s penis in massage motions 10 minutes before sexual intercourse.
  2. Let the gel absorbed into the skin. Then, you are ready to begin.
  3. In 2-3 minutes, you’ll feel the “Vigimin” effect – your sensations will significantly intensify.

Vigimin Gel Ingredients

Improves skin tone and complexion. It is indicated for vaginal pain and worm infestation.

Lemon peal extarct
There are very important medicinal substances in lemon peal like its essential oil, citronella, phellandrene, vitamin C, citric acid, malic acid, formic acid, hesperidin, or pectins, among others.
Among its properties, they have found that lemon peel is a powerful eliminator of toxins from the body and, as a result, has a rejuvenating effect as well. It alkalizes and improves the pH levels of vagina.

Shatavari’s traditional use as a rejuvenative tonic for the female reproductive system, aphrodisiac.
This support is not only for the young woman, but also for women in their middle and elder years, to help them gracefully transition through the natural phases of life, including menopause.Vigimin gel

Aloe Vera
Vitamins and minerals found in aloe vera help support and maintain healthy immune function. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, hormones, and enzymes. Enzyme bradykinase, hormones auxin and gibberellin, and natural sugars like polysaccharides help to support immune function.

Sandalwood oil
It has astringent property. Essential oil taken from the Indian sandalwood tree is particularly useful for enhancing mood, promoting smooth skin when used topically, and providing grounding and uplifting feelings during meditation when used aromatically. The rich, sweet aroma and versatility of Sandalwood essential oil makes it a unique oil, useful in everyday life.

Its astringent property wipes off the excess oil and dirt which clogs the skin.

Price of Vigimin Gel

It cost Rs.2239 in india cash on delivery

How to order Vigimin Gel?

There is no genuine website out there from where you can place your order

Manufacturer of Vigimin gel

We tried a lot to know about the manufacturer & marketing company of vegemin Gel but we couldn’t find any such company.

Fraud / Scam, Vagina Tightening

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  1. Ye faltu ka product hai koi effect nahi hota lutate hai sale madarchod log. Apna paisa mat waste karo vishwas mat rakho order matnkaro meranpaisa gaya hai aapka nahi Jana chahiye

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