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What is Penis Enlargement?

Penis Enlargement!!!  Ha Ha Ha 😀  😀  😀   This a topic which is not discussed with the attention it should get. No one want to talk on this topic STILL EVERY ONE IS INTERESTED. Right??  OK so we were talking about it a process that is used to increase the size of a male sexual organ, whatever it may be as there are thousands of ways peoples of India are using since ancient times. The ways of penis enlargement are mentioned below

  • Weight hanging
  • Extending penis with rope tied on knee
  • Doing massage with oils
  • Pulling penis outwards many times a day
  • Applying stimulater to increase blood flow
  • Applying herbs paste on penis shaft
  • Using internal medicine

and so on… are the ways which Indian in India are suing to enlarge the size of a manhood.

What are the Penis Enlargement Medicine?

There are dozens of ways for enlarging penis size as we know amoung them MEDICINES are the most used & accepted method of enlargement, That medicine which is being used is called or known as which usually consist of Capsules, Massage Oil, Massage Cream, Majoon or Jelly & some time herbs powder.

Penis Enlargement Medicine in India

Being a origin & hub of Ayurveda India has got lot of attention for medicines of Penis Enlargement worldwide, In western countries & Europe this type of medicine are called male enhancement pills while in India we call it Enlargement medicine.

At the indian Ayurveda & Unani medicines shop there are hundreds of brands & medicine are available for penis enlargement as Himcolin Gel, Dabur Stimulex Oil, P- Grow Capsule, Dabur Shrigopal Tail, Sanda Oil, , Farba Oil, Pnile Oil, Pnile Capsule & Kamsutra Capsules etc.

But on this page we are going to discuss the products which are being sold online from India for enlargement. I personally called the company & visited the website of the products below & on the based on honesty ,care, service, & manner i have sorted the list. Because if the lie on phone they will also cheat on products. Being a very hot market for the sexual medicine i came to know that only few products are real & result oriented majority of them are looting people on the name of penis enlargement medicine in India.

IH3 Capsule

ih3 penis medicine

IH3 capsule is a big name on internet for male enhancement in india. Manufactured by Faizan Pharma of Thane this products is the best among all as when i called seller of the product listed below my first question was “I want to enlarge my penis by 3 inches” when i asked this to the seller of they told that we are sorry , it is impossible. I insist on this requirement along with sexual stamina of 1 Hr. but the are refusing saying that sorry sir it is not possible when i asked about guarantee they told that it is a medicine not a electronic product which comes with guarantee. WHAT A HONEST COMPANY IS THIS , when i agree to purchase without any guarantee i asked for a full course of 3 months as they told. Again i was shocked when he told that “We are sorry we dont sell 3 month package to a new customer you first order for 1 month use it & if you will be satisfy with the result keep it continue.” They also told that our medicine wotks the best for those suffering with side effect of over sex & masturbation. Ok , on a call they seems very honest & reputed let figure out their product based on quality & ingredients.

Ingredients of IH3

Ashugandha Withania Somnifera
Satawar Asparagus Racemosus
Beheman surkh  Red Sage
Beheman safeed  White Sage
Akarkara  Anacyclus Pyrethrum
Singhara  Dried Water Caltrop
Kaunch  Mucuna Pruriens
Musli Safeed  Chlorophytum Borivilianum
Tukhme Tamar Hindi  Tamarind Seeds
Beejband  Sida Cardifolio Linn
 Taalmakhhana  Asteracantha Longifolia
 Zeera Safeed  White Cumin
 Tudri Surkh  Lepidium Iberis
 Aspand  Peganum Harmala
 Saras  Madhuca Longifolia
 Filfil Siyah  Black Pepper
 Kalunji  Nigella Sativa
 Mallkangni  Celastrus Paniculatus Wild
 Daar Cheeni  Cinnamon
 Barhami  Bacopa

above 20 Are the ingredients if IH3 capsules, It seems they have added too much in a shell. There is no complain about this product in internet it seems it will work.

Price of IH3 Capsule

It will cost you Rs. 750 for 1 pack of 90 capsule.

Usage of IH3 Capsule

Ih3 should be taken 1 in morning after breakfast & 2 at night after dinner.

IH4 Massage Oil

IH4 penis oil

IH4 penis massage oil is the another product from the same company of IH3 capsule as we have already discussed about the clear & honest talking of the company we can hope that this oil will work also. One thing is was forget to show you that the name of IH3 & IH4 website if YES PEfact & they really do what the name says.

Price of IH4 Oil

It will cost you Rs. 750 for 1 pack of 50 ml oil to use for a month.

Usage of IH4 Oil

Massage on penis at night & wash in the morning with warm water.

Sikander e Azam Capsule

Sikander Azam capsule

Sikander e Azam is a penis enlargement Pills in India that contains scientifically tested and extensively researched, rare and precious natural herbs and ingredients that are developed with care in the natural environment. The medicine is especially designed to deal with the short penis, premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction issue in the most soothing and natural manner. WOW It means only this one is enough for every sexual problem, When i called them & asked for 3 inch enlargement they told that yes we can enlarge your penis upto 8 inches with guarantee ( They are ……. ) as the reviews they are showing on website are copied from some where else & even you can search for the photos they have published as customer, ( you know what ,, they uploaded photo of a a celebrity there. ).

Their facebook page shows 1471 like & when i clicked it is not a facebook url it is image simply they are ……….. people & i don’t recommend this to anybody.

Will you tell anybody that your penis was small & you used some product to enlarge your penis.

X-tra Large Penis Enlargement Pills

xtralerge penis pills

X-tra Large Penis Enlargement Capsules are 100% natural and safe Ayurvedic remedy that has been tried and tested by thousands of men. It is a completely safe way to improve your energy, stamina and endurance.

To know if the products work or not is very simple just see what they are saying on the website on extralarge website there is review page using fake reviews & photos of the peoples.

For example. they are using Raviraj as a customer with some one else photo who belong to pakistan & Pooja from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India who is telling that my BOYYYY friends got the result by xtralarge :mrgreen:  :mrgreen:  :mrgreen:  but the image is from pinterest

Yes!! customer order their product with personal photo to share HA HA HA.

Simply they are making people fool.



8 Inch Penis Enlargement Capsules


Penis Enlargement

Penis Enlargement

IH3 Capsule


IH4 Massage Oil


Sikander e Azam Capsule


X-tra Large





  • Natural Ingredients
  • Work for all
  • easy to use

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