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What are Female Sex Tablets?

Wajood e Zan Se Hai Kainat Me Rang

The picture of this universe gets its color from women.

Women’s & females are the most responsible person in this world from kitchen to office & from classroom to general store & very busy & demanding social life every work is incomplete without female & some time due to this problem she fall in so many problems one is low sex drive or lake of libido.With a lowered sexual response due to aging, stress and a less than optimal diet there is need of female pills that increase the sex drive in women’s.

Since it is difficult for women to tell the doctor about low sex drive, they usually neglect the situation & it get worsen. The medicine or tablet which is used to increase the sexual desire in female or which treat the low sexual drive problems in female is called as Female Sex Tablets.

Need of female sex tablets

Sex drive is the important factor which result in a good sexual relationship & when there is lake of libido in women it end in depression & disappointment for both the partners & sexual intercourse without a good desire to have sex is not pleasurable. If this situation continue for a long time your male partner may seek for another option & another women. To stop the situation like separation of the partner due to lake of female interest in sex present the need of any tablet which arouse her & get her in mood immediately when demanded by her partner.

Reasons of Low Sex Drive in Women’s

Below are the full list of factor that cause low sex drive in female or that cause loss of interest for sex in women’s

  1. Poor diet, Unhealthy foods,lack of physical exercise, too much stress, fatigue, or anxiety can lower the sex drive in women’s
  2. Big hormonal changes specially after pregnancy
  3. Working with chemicals or living near chemical factories or polluted environment is today’s main cause for low sex drive in women’s
  4. Vaginal Dryness due to which she has more pain & alternatively loss interest in sexual activity.
  5. Few days before her menopause cycle it’s normal to feel low sex drive
  6. Birth control pills along with many other modern chemical based medication can cause loss of female interest in sex
  7. Poor body image or low self esteem often results in a lack of desire for sex

female sex tablets

Top brands in Female Sex Tablets

  • Provestra

Read the full article about famous Women’s Mood Tablets here.

  • HerSolution Gel
  • Vigorelle
  • Nymphomax
  • Lyriana
  • Femgasm
  • Female Rx Plus
  • Woman extenze
  • Evadol
  • Connection Lotion
  • Libigirl

Price of Female Sex Tablets

HerSolution Gel $59.95 3908 INR
Vigorelle $59.95 3908 INR
Nymphomax $59.95 3908 INR
Lyriana $59.95 3908 INR
Femgasm $59.95 3908 INR
Female Rx Plus $23.95 1561 INR
Woman extenze $59.95 3908 INR
Connection Lotion

I was shocked when i saw that most of the above product cost US$ 59.95, may be this is due to the high competition.

Female Sex Tablets in India

As most of the above female arousal tablets which is usually manufactured in USA or UK is not available in Indian local medical shop & either most of Indian do not use internet or dont have credit card to pay international merchants. Indian prefers to purchase offline or online with cash on delivery facility there are some choices for Indians too as below

  • Her Choice Madona Capsules
  • Japani F Capsules
  • She Forte
  • Shoot Cap. for women
  • Vivadona
  • Fizinil
  • Lady Fire
  • Wild Cat

Benefits of Female Sex Tablets

  • Boost sexual desire and cures low libido
  • Quicker sexual arousal and greater lubrication
  • Reduce the symptoms of menopause
  • Increased sensation and pleasure
  • Balances estrogen levels
  • Helps to reach climax easily
  • Helps you to enjoy sexual vitality
  • Promoted clitoral stimulation
  • 100% herbal
  • No side effects

female viagra in india

Female Mood Tablets in News


In its latest attempt to kick-start lady libidos with a pill, Sprout Pharmaceuticals announced this week that it will resubmit its female sex drug, , for FDA approval. If it gets the okay, the drug would be the first prescription of its kind for women in the United States: a treatment for female hypoactive sexual disorder, or a low sex drive.


A new range of Viagra-like tablets have gone on sale at Poundland today – with the chain claiming they will help lovers last longer.

The discount range of pills, known as Nooky, come in a male and female variety.

Packaging encourages people to take two tablets – branded sexual vitality supplements – ‘and say hello to fun times’, and Poundland says it now plans to take on high street sex shops such as Ann Summers.


The US Food and Drug Administration has approved a libido-enhancing drug for women dubbed the “female Viagra”.

Flibanserin, a drug produced by Sprout Pharmaceuticals and marketed as , recently passed an FDA advisory committee meeting.

It has been criticised as having only marginal benefits.

Unlike , which affects blood flow to the genitals, Addyi is designed to help women regain their sex drive by boosting levels of brain chemicals.

Sprout said trials had shown an increase “in the number of satisfying sexual events”, although experts suggest the test results were modest.

First Female Viagra Pill Aimed at Improving Women’s Sex Drive


Female Sex Tablets

Female Sex Tablets



HerSolution Gel









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  • No Cash on Delivery

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